Friday January 8, 2010

Friday!  And I’m not doing the usual TGIF thing about the end of the work week.  Today just happens to be payday.  My job as local host of All Things Considered on Orlando’s WMFE is part time, and it’s the only gig I have.  Add to that the fact that, just like Penn State, we’re paid only once a month, and it gets very difficult to get from one paycheck to the next.  And for some reason which defies logic, we’re paid on the 8th of the month.   So this week, I’ve almost had to make the choice between groceries and gas.  Just managed to squeak by this time, though.

Am I complaining?  Nope.  That’s just the situation in which I find myself at the moment.  And when I look around, there are many many people in much worse shape than I’m in.  I know, because of  family and friends, that I’ll never actually be out on the streets.  And for that I am truly grateful.  It ain’t easy, but they say it’s during times of adversity that you strengthen spiritually.

And speaking of that, last night I started classes in becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher.  Discovering the Unity Church in Orlando (thanks, Trish!) was one of the best things I’ve ever done.  It’s the most loving, joyful group of people I’ve ever met.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, because it is a very non-traditional Christian church, but for me, it’s my spiritual home.  And I understand there’s one in State College, so when I get back there — and I will — I’ll be going there as well.

Political Correctness Runs Amok!
This is amazing. Or, unfortunately, maybe not. Below is an ad for KFC that ran for awhile in Australia. It was pulled because it was deemed to be racist. Not by Australians, but by some wackos in the US! What planet are these people living on??

Update:It’s possible that we could get snow in Central Florida on Saturday! In all the years I lived in Florida, I’ve seen snow here exactly once. It was in the mid-70s, when I did the morning show at WMFJ in Daytona Beach. There was just enough on the ground for me to make a snowball, and whack the all-night guy in the back with it. By the time the sun had been up for an hour, it was gone. If no snow, we’re still likely to get some sleet and ice pellets late tonight. Geez Louise!

Today’s Fun Stuff

  • Don’t “you” just hate it when “someone” uses “unnecessary” quotation marks because “they” don’t seem to know what they’re “for?”  Here’s a whole gallery of extreme examples.
  • When naming a business, it pays to think about it for more than thirty seconds or so.  Not like these places.
  • Is that cloying, cutesy Family Circus cartoon still around?  In one form it is.  Here’s a website, which randomly pairs those old cartoons with quotes from Nietzsche.  Just keep hitting the refresh button for hours of dumb fun.   It’s the Nietzsche Family Circus.
  • How logical are you?  Take this quick logic test and find out!
  • And finally, this classic commercial:  The Flintstones smoke Winstons!  Amazing.

One thought on “Friday January 8, 2010

  1. Don’t know if you have time for clipping coupons but it does help, especially if you use The Grocery Game or The Coupon Mom websites for the best buys. Wal-Mart prices are really low but so is Winn Dixie if you have a clean store near you.

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