Tuesday January 12, 2010

At the advice of friends, I did file a police report on the missing GPS yesterday.  If it’s a non-emergency, OPD would rather you file online.  Then, if the report is approved,  they might get back to you on it.  I’m not holding my breath!  I’ve already heard from 3 or 4 people who have had a GPS stolen from them in just the past week or so.  Here’s what I’ve learned:  take the suction cup thing off your windshield, as much of a pain as that might be.  That’s what the bad guys look for.  And even the little circle left behind when the suction cup is removed can be a giveaway.  So the best thing to do is just take the GPS inside when you’re not using it.  And that’s today’s Crime-Stopper Tip!

Yesterday, as I was driving on East Colonial Drive, and saw this place

Luna's Pet Luau

I don’t know about you, maybe I’m just warped (was there ever really any doubt?) but I immediately pictured a couple looking at their dog and saying, “Ya know, I’ll bet ol’ Rex here would be mighty tasty if he was roasted in a pit, covered with Ti leaves!”  “Yeah!  And we can invite the gang over and have lomi lomi salmon, and rice, and poi, and…”

But that, of course, is not what it is.  Luna’s turns out to be sort of a resort for pets.  They even have a web site, and it’s sort of amusing.

By the way, I’m just presumptuous enough to think you might want to subscribe to this daily drivel (Hey! Maybe I should rename it and call it the Daily Drivel!)  If you do, just go up to the place on the right where it mentions how to subscribe by email, and this stuff will be delivered in a daily email.   What could be more exciting??   That’s a rhetorical question.  It’s not meant to be answered.

By the way, I just joined a Facebook group called Growing up in Orlando Before Disney. For those of us who remember Orlando back in the old, old days, it’s really a lot of fun — and some great memories!

Today’s Fun Stuff

  • Just because an animal is a vegetarian doesn’t mean it still won’t rip you to pieces, given half a chance.  As a public service, I present a frightening picture gallery of herbivores you want to avoid.
  • Not sure if you’ve seen this video, even though it’s been around for awhile.  It’s supposedly a banned Volkswagen commercial.  It’s offensive to some, not because of sex or language or nudity, but, well, you’ll see why.  I, for one, think it’s clever and funny.  I also understand why it was banned.  If it’s a real commercial, that is. 
  • Ever wonder what would happen if the Care Bears clashed with My Little Ponies?  Me either.  But some well-imagined movie trailers answer the question. Also Smurfs vs. Gargamel, and a few others. Just click on Toy Movies, below.  But now I’d better go do something constructive.  Have a great day!  –Steve
  • Toy Movies

2 thoughts on “Tuesday January 12, 2010

  1. I have learned to stick my GPS in the corner of the dashboard and then i can easily take it out of the car or hide it under the seat. Sorry you had this happen. How did they get in your car and where was it parked?

    1. It was in the parking lot of my apartment complex… just about 30 feet away. I’m very careful about keeping the car locked, but it could have been the one time when I didn’t.

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