Wednesday February 10, 2010: A Moving Experience

A moving experience.  That’s what I’m about to go through.  Again.  My move back to Happy Valley is only about 5 or 6 weeks away, and if I’m not careful, I’ll become overwhelmed with how much there is to do.  I have to remember:  one thing at a time.

For me, and I think for most people, moving ranks somewhere up there with abdominal surgery on the list of Things I Really Really Dislike.  Actually, when  I think about it, abdominal surgery would be preferable.  Moving involves throwing stuff away, packing stuff in boxes, cleaning, loading trucks, driving for two days, unloading trucks, and setting up the new place.  Abdominal surgery involves lying down, going to sleep, and a couple of days of discomfort.  And while you’re in the hospital, friends come to visit and say nice things.  So in general, if it were possible to choose between the two, I think I’d go for the surgery.  

Anyway,  back in 1998, when my ex and I built our house in Huntingdon County, we thought this is great!  Now, we’ll never have to move again! We were half right.  She has never had to move again.  I moved into an apartment in Bellefonte, where I stayed for three years.  Then came June of 2009: my month that will live in infamy.  And I moved to Orlando.  It was not as easy as moving when one is 20.  Then, we’d just throw stuff in big trash bags, toss it all in the back of Bill’s pickup truck, and move across town.  But now, it’s just me, and a move of 1100 miles.  And I have to do it all again for the move back to State College.

When I moved here, I got rid of all the stuff I didn’t think I’d need.   Still it wasn’t enough to keep this much smaller apartment from becoming cluttered on day one.  Now, I have to get rid of even more stuff.  Luckily, I haven’t accumulated much stuff here in Orlando, primarily because I can’t afford stuff.  But still, I have a few things to jettison.  Like my old TV, which no longer works.  And a small table.  And I have no idea where to dump them.  Here in my apartment complex we have a huge dumpster/trash compactor, plastered with signs on which are printed dire warnings about fines for dumping furniture.

Friends have helpfully pointed out that there are special collection days for stuff like that.  But 1.) I live in an apartment and we don’t have curbside trash service, and 2.) Okay, there is no 2.  That’s it.

I have to simplify things.  My mission is to get from Point A (Orlando) to Point B (State College).  Now all I have to do is, one thing at a time, take the steps to accomplish that goal.   I sure wish I had better organizational abilities.  Or any organizational abilities.    How about if I just leave it all here, sneak away in the middle of the night, leaving no forwarding address, and figure that I’ll just get new stuff when I get to State College?   No, that wouldn’t do at all.  So, I’d better get to work.  sigh.

Today’s Curiosities

  • This is fun:  It’s called instant soundboard.  Pop it up on your computer at work to punctuate your office conversations with the appropriate sound effects.
  • Yesterday’s future today!  Here’s a clip from a movie titled Just Imagine, made in 1930, about what they thought life would be like in 1980:

3 thoughts on “Wednesday February 10, 2010: A Moving Experience

  1. Hey Steve,
    I didn’t realize you were heading back to SC. Congrats! You can take that TV to Best Buy…they have a recycling program…not sure if they will charge you or not, but it’s an option…Also you can join Freecycle…you can post items that need a home (or ask for items that you may need…we got a queen bed frame once when we moved and lost one in the transition). Check them out at
    All the best for an easy move.

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