Thursday February 11, 2010: A Stunning Punch

Today’s post is uncharacteristic.  It’s serious, and it involves current events.  I’ve mentioned before that under my current agreement with my employer, the Public Radio station in Orlando, I am enjoined from editorial writing, participating in political events, or otherwise expressing my opinions.  This is because I anchor newscasts during the local segments of All Things Considered.  But my time there is short.  And it has always been my intention to become politically active once I return to Pennsylvania.  This subject, though, is time-sensitive.

It’s here: February 11.  I’ve been sort of worried about what might happen today.  On Monday, Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei said that  Iran is set to deliver a “punch” that will stun world powers during today’s 31st anniversary celebration of the Islamic Revolution.  So far, it’s been just more bluster, but the day’s not quite over yet.  There was some disquieting news that came in tweets from Tehran a few hours ago: apparently the government there has pretty much shut down the internet, and a lot of cell phones aren’t working.

Ahimadinnerjacket: I don't think he's watching Avatar

Today, Iran’s insane president Mahmoud Aimadinnerjacket announced that his country was now a “nuclear state.” They’ve been enriching uranium to a higher level than they had before.  Then he says, oh no… it’s not for weapons, silly!  It’s just to generate electricity!  Oh, okay then, no problem.  So if that’s it — if that’s the punch that will stun — then who cares if they just want to build more power plants?   So far, thankfully, western civilization hasn’t been stunned.  But, as I said, the day’s not over yet.  As this is written,  it’s about 4:30 PM in Tehran and so far, no stunning punch.  Not even a nice cut crystal punch bowl.  But this is a good thing.

I think it’s entirely possible that they’ve used today’s celebration to step up the crackdown on dissidents.  Lately, the lunatic Aimadinnerjacket has been rounding up protesters, locking them in hellish cells, and executing some.

Michael Ledeen is an American expert on foreign policy, and his particular field of expertise is Iran.  For many years, he’s been trying to get us to pay attention to what Iran is up to.  Many Americans have never heard of him… but I guarantee that if conflict with Iran comes, and he says it’s pretty well inevitable, we’ll be hearing quite a bit from him.  I hope.  Please take a minute and read what he has to say on this week’s celebration of the Islamic revolution.

At the very least, it is time for the United States to give full, public support to those courageous dissidents in Iran.  They face the prospect of hellhole prison cells, torture, and execution.  And yet, knowing full well what their fate may be, they take to the streets in protest, and they keep the lines of communication open through blogs and tweets.  If we do not support them, who will?

And it may be too late now, but if we do not take serious steps to ensure that Iran does not develop a nuclear arsenal, we will one day find ourselves in a nightmare none of us even wants to imagine.  I have no doubt but that the zealots who run the country will use nukes if they have them.  Mahmoud Aimadinnerjacket has repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel.   I’m certainly no expert, but without even trying too hard, I can envision a half dozen scenarios in which a nuclear armed Iran could essentially hold the world hostage.

In any case, today, please hold the courageous Iranian dissidents in your thoughts and prayers.  I would like to think that we, given similar circumstances, would have even half the cojones these people have.  Our support for them is essential.  So please send your prayers and your positive energy to them today.

Today’s Curiosities

  • Yesterday, a look at yesterday’s future today… and now a very funny parody of those what-will-life-be-like-in-the-future features:

Have a great day!  Back to frivolity tomorrow.  I hope.  -Steve


2 thoughts on “Thursday February 11, 2010: A Stunning Punch

  1. Steve, I think your ‘tongue-in-cheek’ name for Iran’s so-called president is hilarious. I came up with a name for him too, its Aminejihad since he seems hell bent on destroying the West…scary scary guy and country – and scary times for their people and probably us someday.

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