Wednesday February 17, 2010: Orlando Mom Loses Fat, Whitens Teeth

If you hang around the Internet very much, you’ve seen the ad: Orlando Mom Loses 46 Pounds of Stomach Fat By Obeying One Old Rule…

Oddly enough, I’m pretty sure it’s the very same Orlando Mom who has discovered the secret of white teeth.  And odder still, she must have moved to Orlando around the time that I did, because she used to be a State College mom.  And sometimes, she was a University Park mom!  And that means she must have been living in the Penn State Dorms.  Mom gets around.  I wonder when she has time to obey one old rule or discover the secret of white teeth that dentists don’t want you to know about?  She must have a lot of courage.  She’s out there fighting for us against the evil cabal of dentists who have spent their lives guarding the secret of white teeth! (click on image to enlarge)

And then there’s the Acai Berry Exposed! You have to trust that one because it’s an Official Test.  Not one of those casual, sloppily done tests.  Of course, if you click on Read More, you discover that a once-skeptical reporter was won over to the acai berry after an exhaustive trial (click on image to enlarge):

And to add further credibility, it’s been seen on MSNBC, CNN, ABC… and even the BBC!  I wonder when that was.  But would Local News 27 lie to us?  Of course not!  Well, they wouldn’t lie to us… if they existed.  Which they don’t.

Then there’s this:

Nothing says “credibility” like a stoner who’s one toke over the line.  Or maybe  he’s just trying to emulate the Geico Caveman.

– – –

I have a lot to do over the next two days.  I’ll be flying to State College on Friday to make arrangements for my move there next month.  When I get back here, I’ll be able to tell you what I’ll be doing when I return to Happy Valley.  I know you’re fairly tingling with anticipation.  But I’m excited about it!

Today’s Curiosities

  • I hope this doesn’t come in handy this weekend.  It’s a guide on How To Survive A Plane Crash.  More precisely, it’s an article on what to do if your plane explodes and you find yourself hurtling toward the ground.
  • This video will take a bit of a set-up.  There’s a guy named Guy, who was at the BBC to apply for a job as a supply manager.  But there was another guy named guy who was apparently late, and was to have been interviewed on the air as a Big Time Expert in something.  Well, when the first guy named Guy heard the name Guy called, he naturally assumed it was his interview to be a supply manager.  But he found himself in the studio.  And on the air.  And then it dawned on him that this wasn’t just some strange job interview.  But this guy Guy really adapted well to the situation:

and have a great day!  –Steve


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