Tuesday February 23, 2010: The Secret Revealed

(Secret to be revealed at the end of this post)

It always amazes me that at 4:00 PM I can be driving through sleet, freezing rain and big wet snowflakes, and just a few hours later, drive back to my Orlando apartment in 60 degree weather.    It’s them newfangled aero-planes what make it possible.  On the way from Pittsburgh International Airport to State College on Friday, though, it was beautiful weather.  And there’s one view I have always enjoyed.   You drive along an unspectacular highway, with no hint of the fact that there’s a city just ahead. Unless, of course, you read the roadsigns and have done the drive before.  Anyway, then you enter the Fort Pitt Tunnel, and the second you emerge, there’s Pittsburgh.   And it is nice-looking skyline:

Out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel

And the visit to State College was picture-perfect as well.  I got everything accomplished that I had set out to do.  Including seeing where I’ll be living.   My cousin Dan is moving out of a mobile home and going to seek his fortune in California.  And since he had been given the mobile home several years ago, he’s passing it along to me.

I have to admit he did warn me that it was not in the best shape.  I was really not prepared for what “not in the best shape”  meant.  But beggars can’t be choosers, the price was right, and given my current financial situation I am grateful.

And I’ve decided that this will be a good opportunity to learn some fix-up skills that I have been sorely lacking.  So, it’s a challenge!  Boy, is it a challenge.  The home was occupied for a number of years, I guess, by some college students and/or rock musicians.  Dan had referred vaguely to a mural in the living room, but again it came as a surprise.  It was painted directly on the old paneling, and my first challenge will be painting over it.  Keep it?   No, I don’t think so:

Click to enlarge. If you dare.

Now I’m actually sort of looking forward to getting in there and piece by piece, making the place livable.   Again, though, I don’t have many of the skills I should have learned by now.  So over the next few months I’ll be learning things like how to install a new toilet, how to install vinyl floor covering… oh, a great many things will be part of this learning experience.

Nonetheless, it was great to catch up with friends, and to make arrangements for the move back next month.

When I left in August, I never expected to see my little dog Sparky again.  He’s 12 years old, blind and diabetic, but still the sweetest little guy  you can imagine.  On Saturday I went out to the country, picked up my niece Abigail and took her to lunch.  It too was a wonderful visit:

Niece Abigail, Dog Sparky

Secret Revealed!

So here’s what I’ll be doing when I get back to Happy Valley:  For one thing, I’ll be doing a talk show on WBLF (AM 970).  That’s the only thing that is so far set in stone.  After years in Public Radio, where I have not been able to be myself on the air, it’ll be great to let loose again.  I’ll give you more details about the show later on, as it develops, but it’s something I’ve very excited about.

But it is only part-time.  So I’ll be taking on a few other ventures as well, which are still in the discussion stages.  There’s lots of work and many challenges that lie ahead, and I’m truly looking forward to meeting them.

Today’s Curiosities

  • Video!  The internet-famous Dramatic Chipmunk vs. the less-famous Deranged Keith Olbermann:

Have a great Tuesday!  –Steve


3 thoughts on “Tuesday February 23, 2010: The Secret Revealed

  1. You might want to check out the free classes at Home Depot’s and Lowe’s where they teach all kinds of handy things. And buy a few cans of paint while you’re there. 🙂 Glad you have a part-time job and a free place to live.

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