Thursday March 4, 2010: Beam Me Up Scotty. Scotty?

I don’t know if you noticed the new picture at the top of the blog.  I took it yesterday with my cell phone camera on my way home from work.  For those in Orlando, it’s East Colonial Drive, somewhere around Econlockhatchee Trail.

So what do I pack first?  What do I throw out?   The clock is ticking inexorably towards March 20, the day I pick up  my rental truck for the big trek back to Happy Valley.   Even in this little apartment, I tend to get overwhelmed to the point of paralysis.  And that just cannot be.

I’ve ordered a ‘moving kit’ which contains something like 25 boxes, bubble wrap, markers, and tape.  I had the same thing when I moved to Orlando in August, and it was quite helpful.  It’s supposed to arrive today, so this evening, after work, I’ll get down to business.  Let’s see… I could start with the kitchen… pack up everything except the most basic pots and pans,  get some paper plates…

…or should I do the bedroom closet first?  Pack up everything I won’t be wearing for the next month… give some more stuff to Goodwill…

…or then there are those books… maybe that’s where to start.  Yeah, I think that’s it.  Okay.  I’ll start with the books.  Wow.  All that thinking and planning made me tired.  Maybe I’ll just sell everything and move north in my car… start over again with all new stuff…

No.  Impractical.  Impossible.  Besides, I’m not giving up my couch and recliner.  On that point I must remain firm.  I love them.  Unless… somebody wants them… no.

The only thing that seems certain is this:  I’m now in Orlando (point A).  On March 29th, I’ll go on the air at WBLF in State College (point B).  Somehow, I will get from point A to point B (see illustration).  I don’t really want to think of all the stuff between A and B, but, well, that’s where I am at the moment.

I guess I could wait until the very last moment, in the optimistic hope that a Star Trek-like transporter will be invented, perfected, and offered to the public at no charge sometime in the next two weeks.  But that would be like the optimist who goes into a seafood restaurant with no money, and plans to pay for his meal with the pearl he plans to find in the oysters he plans to order.

Nope.  Wouldn’t be prudent.  I guess there’s only one solution.  Better get packin’

Today’s Curiosities

As you know, of course, tax season is upon us.  Why should you pay your income taxes?  Donald Duck explains.  From 1943:

Have a great day!  –Steve


4 thoughts on “Thursday March 4, 2010: Beam Me Up Scotty. Scotty?

  1. Wish I lived closer to you Steve, as I would offer my help packing. I think you should pack the books first, then non-essential kitchen stuff. Good luck!

  2. Look at You’ll find everything you need. You can sell all your stuff down there, and buy stuff up here. Plus you save a grand or two when you don’t have to rent a moving truck. But what about my clothes and books?? you say. Go to target, buy the biggest storage containers they have. I prefer the 45 gallon sterilites. Pack the stuff you can’t get rid of in them. Put those crates in large cardboard boxes and ship it all UPS. You’ll save hundreds. I moved cross country for $800 this way. New furniture off CL cost me about $600.

    1. Jay, thanks! At first I sort of rejected all this out-of-hand, but now I think that’s what I’m going to do. I begin research in the morning…

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