Monday March 8, 2010: How Is It Possible?

How is it possible that I have so much stuff — mostly stuff I don’t need — crammed into a 650-square foot apartment?  When I moved here to Orlando in August, I threw out and gave away a lot of stuff I didn’t need.  But by my estimation there are still six or eight tons of stuff that I packed into boxes, put in a truck, and carried here anyway.

Now, I’ve decided to try to save some money by getting rid of my furniture,  any appliances I don’t actually need, and other assorted detritus that I’ve brought here for some reason.  I’m moving into a tiny, dilapidated mobile home, and there’s no room for the stuff I have now.  I’d like to sell the furniture, and have put it on Craig’s List.  But so far, most of the interest seems to be from scammers.  There are a couple of others, and I hope they’ll buy.  If not, then I’ll have to take my beloved reclining couch and recliner and papa-san chair to Goodwill.

I’m weeding through all my stuff — there are a few friends to whom I will bequeath things like my bread machine and other things I like but rarely use.  I’ll send some things by UPS, and then cram my Ford Taurus full computers, audio equipment, suitcases and whatever I can carry with me, and head back to Happy Valley.

It’s just another adventure on a road that has had a few too many adventures for my liking since June.  Luckily, a few years ago, before it became necessary, I realized that a person is not measured by what he has, or by where he lives, except by shallow people… but rather by his character.  Good thing I finally got that message.  Because I’m now really starting from scratch, at the age of 55.

I know I’ll pull it together somehow, and will once again, at some point, live like an adult again, rather than a poor college student.

Also,  I know that I seem to be repeating myself here.   You’ve read all this before.  But as this blog is rather more therapeutic for me than it is scintillating reading material, I guess that’s okay.   And I’d also like to thank those folks who enjoy reading it.  Your comments and encouragement help to keep me on an even keel.

In a few weeks, this blog will change a bit as it becomes a companion piece to my talk show (Weekdays from 3 – 5 PM on 970 WBLF).  But it’ll still be mostly positive and upbeat: observations on life as we know it, my adventures in the real world…. but with a little more commentary on current events than it now has.

Anyway, I’d better get back to packing and trying to sell furniture.  EVERYTHING MUST GO!  PRICES DRASTICALLY REDUCED!  WE’RE LIQUIDATING OUR INVENTORY!!!   HELLO?  ANYBODY THERE?

Today’s Curiosities

  • An interesting new way to see all the headlines, and read the stories: Newsmap.
  • Finally today,  a music video worth watching.  Band plays in synchro with a Rube Goldberg-type apparatus (thanks, Pete!) :


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