Tuesday March 9, 2010: Gestures

The weather in Orlando is getting warmer, at least for this week.  I’d frankly just as soon it stay on the cool side while there’s all this moving-related manual labor to do, but it is what it is.  And I imagine this is just a coincidence, but since the temperature has been in the 60s and 70s for the past few days, I’ve notice there seem to be more people on the streets here who are one brick shy of a load.  Or one card short of a deck.  Or one pixel short of an image.

A couple of days ago, I was driving along and saw a couple of people, in separate incidents, both of whom appeared to be giving impassioned lectures.  One was at a bus stop, and his audience seemed to be somewhat less than receptive to his message.  There didn’t appear to be a Bluetooth attached to him anywhere, so I’m pretty sure he wasn’t using a  cell phone.  And I’m equally sure (oh, heck, call it intuition) that he wasn’t practicing to become a motivational speaker, at least in the terms we usually think of.

The other guest speaker was walking down the sidewalk, lecturing anyone and everyone — including passing cars.  He seemed to be pretty serious about his message as well, whatever it was.

Then, yesterday, as I was driving down Semoran Boulevard on my way to work, there was an older, bearded gentleman, who actually looked pretty friendly.   As each car passed him, he grinned, nodded, and touched his nose as if we were all sharing some great secret.  He’s the one who intrigues me most.

And he reminded me of the late “waving man” in State College.  If you’re there, do you remember him?  He stood out in front of his  house on College Avenue every morning, smiling and waving at everyone who passed him.  He was different from these sidewalk lecturers here.   He was actually capable of lifting one’s spirits as one drove to work, even on a Monday morning.  He died a few years ago, and his smiling face and enthusiastic wave were missed by the community.

By the way, my thoughts and prayers are with QWiK Rock/WBLF General Sales Manager Chuck Herzog and his family.  Chuck suffered a severe stroke on Sunday morning and at this point, the prognosis is not too good.  Hang in there, Chuck…

Today’s Curiosities

  • Everyone has to do something, I guess.  This guy has created armor for squirrels.  And if you look at his whole website, a lot of other animals apparently.  It’s about time somebody… oh, never mind.
  • The World’s First:  digital camera, computer mouse, skyscraper, photograph, motel, album cover, and more… with pictures!
  • And now a word from our sponsor: Bobbi!  Make sure you watch all the way to the end:

…and have a wonderful day!  –Steve


2 thoughts on “Tuesday March 9, 2010: Gestures

  1. I remember the man that would stand by the side of the road on the way into DC waving a branch and “blessing” cars as they drove by. He was homeless and people would toss food and money out their windows as they drove past. He always smiled and I enjoyed his presence each morning (he made the DC commute a little more tolerable).

  2. I fondly remember the “waving guy.”Yes. he passed away about two years ago. I used to go out of my way to go College Avenue on my way to work (at Outreach Building) just to greet him. May we all learn from him.

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