Friday March 12, 2010: Breakfast with the Mother Hens

I’ll have to make this a relatively short post today, because there’s a lot on my plate.  There’s all the moving stuff of course, and at WMFE, we’re doing another one of those ever-popular membership drives.  But at 9 this morning, I’ll be attending a very important event: Breakfast with the Mother Hens.  And there’s no way I’m going to miss it.

Back in the horrible months of last summer, after being laid off and meeting up with other more personal disasters,  the support of friends through Facebook pretty much kept me going.  I was all over the map: some time in Pennsylvania, some in North Carolina, some in Florida… and my laptop kept me in touch.

There were three women — Linda, Tonya, and Bonnie Jo — with whom I attended Winter Park High School, back in the very early ’70s.  Each of them was a Facebook friend, although I hadn’t seen any of them in person for many years.  And somehow, they sort of formed a protective circle around me — all on-line — and if I didn’t post something almost daily, they’d email, or check in to see how I was doing.  The three were not, that I remember, best friends in school, although they knew each other.  But they were full of good, solid and loving advice… and their care and concern  helped me through those dark awful  months more than you can imagine.  And one of them one day called the three of them my Mother Hens.  The name seemed appropriate, and it stuck.

Two of the Mother Hens still live in Central Florida, and one lives in North Carolina.   And since she’s visiting the area, and I’m moving in a couple of weeks, we thought this would be the once chance we’ll have to all meet in person.  So it’s breakfast this morning.   I’m looking forward to seeing them, and thanking them in person.

Today’s Curiosities

  • Please Fire Me.  Anonymous notes from people who explain why they hate the jobs they cannot leave.
  • Women, know your limits!  A satirical “education” film from… uh… somewhere:

…and have a wonderful weekend.  –Steve


6 thoughts on “Friday March 12, 2010: Breakfast with the Mother Hens

  1. What??! ! The world isn’t going to end in 2012? A lot of people buying furniture at Rooms-To-Go are counting on that to get ’em out of having to pay…
    I always figured the job of making a Mayan calendar was on-par with “will that be paper or plastic?” – a menial, low paid position filled for the most part by the unmotivated individuals lacking a vision. One day one of them had enough and went quit, thus giving us a the present-day Mayan calendar…has everyone forgotten that our Gregorian calendar ends on December 31st, but we just go and get a calendar for the next year?

    1. Thanks, Sally! No, I won’t be back at WPSU. I”ll be doing a talk show from 3 – 5 PM on WBLF, and a few other things… I’m looking forward to getting back…

      1. I’ll be listening for your show.

        Let me know if you plan on doing any hypnosis therapy!

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