Wednesday March 17, 2010: Breaking the Silence

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I have mentioned once or twice before that, because of my agreement with WMFE-FM, the public radio station for which I work, I have been enjoined from participating in politics, editorial comment, activism, or anything else that might compromise the neutrality that public radio claims it has.  But as my last day is this Friday, and the vote on “health care” “reform” is coming down to a vote, I can no longer keep my mouth shut.

I have also mentioned that this blog will morph into a companion piece to my talkshow on WBLF (Monday through Friday, 3 – 5 PM on NewsTalk 970).

So because of this week’s events, I’ll begin that morph early.  I still want to, generally, keep the tone of BiddlesWorld pretty upbeat and positive.   But now it’s time to speak out.

Nothing I can say here could possibly be original.  It’s all been said, over and over again.  But how can one be silent when we are about to witness the biggest power grab in American history?   The health care bill, Senate or House,  has absolutely nothing to do with health care. It has to do with power.  A centralization of government… a takeover of 20% of the American economy.  And it’s not being done with the consent of the governed.  If it were, then it would not be necessary for Nancy Pelosi and President Obama to use such blatant dishonesty… such an arrogant disregard of the American people.

It would also not be necessary to employ the chicanery called, variously, the Slaughter rule (after Rep. Louise Slaughter, who came up with this idea) or Deem and Pass.  Simply put, it’s a self-executing rule which would deem the Senate bill passed without the House ever voting on it.  Would this be necessary if this massive legislation was popular?

Poll after poll shows that, by varying margins, the majority of Americans are opposed to the health care legislation now in the House.  Democrats will vote for it at their political peril.

At this point, the Democrats in the House leadership… specifically the wretched Nancy Pelosi… have said that they will do anything necessary to ram this bill down the throats of the people.   Such incredible disregard for the actual desires of the governed is, as far as I know, unprecedented.   And make no mistake:  this is about control.  Once this government has control of something as huge as health care, then all bets are off.

President Obama is, despite what he said in the campaign, an arrogant elitist.  He expects Democrat members of the House to fall on their swords… to give up their Congressional careers… to remake this country in his image.  The sheer gall.. arrogance… the messianic complex this man has is mind-boggling.

Luckily for me, I have no kids.  But if you do, realize that if you support this legislation, then you are willing to pass along to your children and grandchildren a debt that they will work for their entire lives and still not be able to pay off.

If you’re reading this, and are disappointed in me because you thought, perhaps, that because I work for an NPR station… at least for the next three days… I was a liberal (or, if you prefer, a “progressive,”) then I am sorry.  I have not meant to mislead you.  But now, I am finally able to once again open my mouth.  And open my mouth is what I am going to do.  Every day.  For two hours.

So sometimes this blog will be its regular sunny, fun self.  And sometimes it’ll be a rant like this.  But I firmly believe our republic is under the gravest threat in its history.  And I can no longer idly stand by and let others do all the talking.  I am now in the fray.

Today’s Curiosities

  • If  you’re a bit of a geek (like me) you might be interested in this site.  It features retro-gadgets and other fairly recent memorabilia.
  • A  nice compilation of crosswind, almost-didn’t-make-it landings, set to music:

5 thoughts on “Wednesday March 17, 2010: Breaking the Silence

  1. Steve that was wonderfully written! I could not agree with you more on every point. I am constantly amazed at the lengths the left is willing to go to get this rammed through. I think they realize this is their only chance to do this for a very long time. If we make it to November without a bill, then what they are after is dead for a long time…at least Obamacare would be (whatever that is). It is not clear at all what Obamacare would do, except somehow magically cover some uninsured people who already have govt. run healthcare options available to them anyway, raise our taxes and expenses, diminish our coverage, etc. Simple Tort Reform (lawsuits should have some limits to them), Banning Insurance Companies from denying coverage for pre-exisiting conditions or canceling insurance, and opening up competition would work. All the rest is exactly what you say…a power grab…and none of us even understand exactly what is in the bill (Obama has never had a bill he presented, just talk). I keep thinking this thing is dead but they keep ‘reviving’ it. It is really amazing to me as well that they are willing to give up their careers for this. The sad thing is, you and I both know that Pelosi will still have a seat in January ’11 – tho’ hopefully she’ll lose her speakership! These are really scary times…I’m sure the left would read our posts and says we are both a couple of ‘right wing kooks’…but how can people agree with this and allow it to happen…November can’t come soon enough…frankly, we need a ‘gutting’ of Congress, both right and left (did you see nearly 70 Senators voted yesterday to NOT ban earmarks?). They are all a bunch of crooks.

  2. The treachery from our “representatives” is downright evil. They must think most of us are lemmings. In my opinion, this country is just a few “goose steps” away…

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more, Steve. The Dems are cramming this down our throats. I believe in Health Care for everyone, but not as it’s currently written. I will NOT be voting for anyone that says yes to this in November…and I will certainly be looking for alternate Presidential candidate, too (although I didn’t vote for him anyway and I’m a registered Democrat…that will change too if this passes…I’ll be a GDI!).

  4. Good rant. I completely agree. I hope whoever voted for Obama wakes up and doesn’t keep him in office for a second term. It’s a mockery of the Constitution with this new “deem” the bill plan.

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