Thursday March 18, 2010: Crunch Time

Wow… yesterday’s rant sparked the highest hit count in the short history of this blog. Thanks for the comments — even from those who disagreed. Some comments come in via Facebook, and you can’t see them here. But thanks for reading!

In preparation for next week’s move, I’ve disconnected my desktop computer and am now using my old HP laptop. It was a great little computer at one time, but a few years ago, while working on stuff for the Peoples Choice Festival of Pennsylvania Arts and Crafts, I reached for a file folder, and spilled a beer into the keyboard. After replacing the keyboard and hard drive… well, it works, but now it’s like poor old cousin Barney, who’s never been quite… uh… right… since… the incident. He does as well as he can, but his touchpad doesn’t work anymore, and he’s a little slow.

At WMFE, we’re doing one of those ever-popular membership drives. Friday’s my last day there, and I have been given some extra hours. It’s a double-edged sword: I am grateful for the extra hours because I need to scrape together every penny at this point. But I don’t have the time for it. If I leave here on Wednesday morning for the drive to Pennsylvania, I’ll at least have four full days to complete all the stuff I have to do here.

So far, I’ve shipped several boxes up north by UPS, sold the couch and recliner, packed up more boxes and put them in storage. Tomorrow, AmVets will come and pick up my dresser and a couple of other odds and ends. Mostly odds. And yet there’s so much more to do, including several tons of laundry. I remember, years ago, reading something that stuck with me, and it seems appropriate here: Everytime I pick up a string, there’s an elephant attached.

– – –

Heartfelt condolences to Jeff Hopkins (Winter Park High School class of ’72) and his family, on the death of Jeff’s brother Sam. Sam was, I think, in the class of 1970. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

– – –

Added:  To get a feeling for what’s really happening in our country, please read this, from The American Thinker: A Man Named Rick.  Then, pass it along.

Today’s Curiosities

  • Video: Don’t judge too quickly (h/t Tim Molnar):

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