Friday March 19: I Have A Dream…

… or, more accurately, I had a dream last night.  And it was a weird one.  And as my dreams are always pretty weird, that’s saying something.  But I was with my family (Mom, Dad, sister Kendra) and we were invited over to the home of a guy I knew in high school.  I didn’t know him very well then, but we went over there.  And when we arrived, most of the family was asleep.  So they invited us in to take a nap.  Nobody else in my family thought that was strange, so they all took places on couches, and went to sleep.  Then, and I’m not sure how this happened, I found myself playing tennis with Mao Tse-tung.   I’ve never played tennis in my life.  And with Chairman Mao?   I

Tennis anyone?

don’t even want to know how that might be interpreted.

This will have to be the last post for a few days.  There’s far too much remaining to be done, and I’m going to try to finish it up and get on the road for State College by Tuesday.  It’ll more likely be Wednesday, but some things will just have to slip through the cracks, and this is one of them.  So I’ll try to get up and running again in about a week.

I’d like to thank the folks at WMFE-FM for the opportunity to serve as All Things Considered interim host during my time here.  I have no idea what I would have done without that job, temporary and part-time though it was.  And I’ve made some other very special friends here in Orlando as well.  I’ll have to make a trip back here sometime in the next few months to collect some stuff I’m now putting in storage.

See you next week, good Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise…

Today’s Curiosities

  • Well, there aren’t any, I’m afraid.  Just don’t have the time today to search them out.  But take a look at the curiosities archive (which still needs to be brought up to date).  There are a lot of good links you might have missed, or might want to re-visit.

3 thoughts on “Friday March 19: I Have A Dream…

  1. Steve, It’s amazing you even sleep, your mind is so full. I wish I could accurately remember some of my convoluted dreams. I could write a book. Glad you’re coming back here.

  2. It’s clear to me – you’re concerned with Censorship. Chairman Mao wasn’t the most friendly individual to the media and was very controlling of his country while in-power. Obviously, with you starting a new job at a commercial radio station, restriction of your First Amendment rights are on your mind. As for the nap-taking part of the dream it might mean your just tired.

    On the other hand, maybe it is something else – better ignore everything I’ve said.

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