Friday March 26, 2010: Back Home Again

After all the packing, putting some things in storage,  shipping other stuff UPS, packing the car to the gills, 2 and a half days of driving, I arrived in State College Thursday evening.  It is so very good to be back!

The trip here started with a bizarre occurrence.  On Tuesday, as I was sitting in rush hour traffic on I-95 in Jacksonville, one of those big tow trucks that haul large trucks and buses drove by heading south.  And it was towing a CATA bus from State College!   For those not in Happy Valley, CATA is the Centre Area Transportation Authority.  They run the public buses in State College.

It took a few seconds to register, because I’m used to seeing CATA buses.  But it dawned on me slowly that I’ve never seen a CATA bus in Jacksonville.  I’d love to know why it was being towed south in Florida, just as I was leaving Florida for here.

Uneventful trip… an overnight stop in Kingsland, Georgia, and then a night at my sister’s place in North Carolina… and I got here about 5:30 last night.

And great friends I have.  When I got to the Maryland/Pennsylvania border, there was this sign:

Wow.  It must have cost them a fortune to put up this sign just to welcome me back to Pennsylvania.  Thanks guys! 😉

So now, I have to go open a bank account, get my PA drivers license, stop by my new home at Casa del Horrible… then sit in with Wes Richards, the guy I’m replacing this afternoon… then off to a reception on the occasion of Wes’ retirement.

The appropriately named Steve Biddle Show debuts Monday, from 3-5 PM on Monday.  More about this in Monday’s post, but I can’t wait to finally be unmuzzled and  jump into the current battle for the fate of the republic.

I’m working on live streaming of the show, but until then, I’m reasonably sure I will be able to provide a link so you can listen or download the show after it airs.  Details as they become available.

Back to full blogging mode, including interesting links on Monday.

Have a great weekend!  –Steve


4 thoughts on “Friday March 26, 2010: Back Home Again

  1. Steve – I’m so excited that you’re back in Happy Valley! Looking forward to that link for streaming…excited to hear the show. We’re hoping to be in SC for the Blue/White game…if we make it, a beer or two to toast to your safe and happy return to PA will be in order. All the best, my friend!

  2. That welcome sign used to say something like, “Pennsylvania, America starts here,” as if you were entering it from some other country. Or maybe it was a backhand slap at the rebels south of the Mason-Dixon line, rubbing salt in ancient wounds from the Civil War era.

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