Monday March 29, 2010: A New Beginning. Again.

Just a short post this morning.   I’ll be on Jerry Fisher’s show this morning at 8:30 as sort of an introduction to my show, which starts today at 3.

I’m still a little handicapped when it comes to full blogging strength because my broadband cable service won’t be installed until Wednesday, so it’s sort of  catch-as-catch-can when it comes to the online stuff until then.  I’m using my laptop in an undisclosed location (well, I know where I am), and this laptop is cranky and temperamental.

Not only that but it’s a little tough to type due to Saturday’s incident in which I sliced my left hand down to the bone.  I really didn’t want to see my bones in person, I just always had assumed they were there.  Now I know for sure.

This afternoon, if you have the time and the inclination (and if you live within our signal area) please tune in to WBLF AM 970 at 3.   I’m on right after Rush. And although I’m working on live audio streaming, it’s likely to be awhile.  But I’m going to try to record the show this afternoon and post the audio here on Tuesday.  Not sure I’ll be able to do that, but I’ll give it a shot.

Anyway, have a wonderful day.  I know, it’s Monday, but it could be worse.



4 thoughts on “Monday March 29, 2010: A New Beginning. Again.

  1. Hi Dinah… yup, the hand has eight stitches… and the ER is much better at doing that sort of stuff than I am 😉
    Tonya, I think it went pretty well, thanks!
    Russ… thanks for listening. I’ll do it again tomorrow. And the next day.

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