Monday March 29, 2010: A New Beginning. Again.

Well, I’m still not completely up to speed with the blog.  Unfortunately,  my cable, and therefore my broadband service, won’t be installed at Casa del Horrible until Wednesday.  So at the moment (Sunday evening) I’m at WBLF, doing some prep for Monday’s show, and catching up on email.  And, of course, writing this.

Had a bit of a setback yesterday.  I was setting up the computers and voiceover studio at home, and was using a serrated knife to cut a zip tie.  The knife slipped, and I sliced deep into my left hand.  Now I have eight stitches.  The ER physician said I nearly lopped a couple of tendons in half, but apparently I managed to avoid serious damage.  But I’m not supposed to lift heavy boxes for the next week… and that will create a bit of a hardship getting moved in completely.

I had never wanted to see my bones in person;  I had always taken it on faith that they were there.  Now I know for sure.

So once again, no links to the wider world today.  It’s a bit difficult to type now, and other excuses.  I’ll be back to full blogging strength by Thursday’s post at the latest.

I’m working on live-streaming audio for my show, but it’s likely to be a few more weeks before I can get that accomplished.   So I’ll try the next best thing:    I’ll record the show, and see if  I can make it available here.  I do have the capability of adding audio to the blog, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to upload two full hours.  We’ll find out!

Have a great day, and if you get a  chance, please tune in: The Steve Biddle Show, 3 – 5 PM on NewsTalk 970 AM WBLF.  Please feel free to call and join the conversation at 814-272-9700!



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