Wednesday March 31, 2010: Getting There, Little by Little…

It’s 10:15 AM, and Jason the Comcast Cable guy just left, so I’m connected once again.  But now I’m a little bit behind with show prep, so I’d better get to that right away.

Last night was the first night I’d spent at Casa del Horrible, and it was odd.  I can’t find the book I’ve been reading, so when I got home, I thought okay, I’ll just go online and get some show prep done… oh yeah.  No internet yet.  Okay, well fine… I’ll just watch TV for a… oh yeah.  No cable yet. So I was very pleased when my buddy Jeff called and invited me up to Damon’s for some wings and a brew or two.  And it’s amazing how much we… or at least I… have come to depend on the Internet.  NO WEB??? WHAT AM I GONNA DO?????

So anyway, tomorrow, full blog.  Really. I mean it this time.  And thanks so much for all the nice comments. And even for some of the not so nice ones.  But like Bev said in the comments section yesterday, you find out who your real friends are.

By the way, I did record the show yesterday, but it takes a very long time to upload it here, so I may not be able to do that every day.   So if you’re in our signal area, please tune in today — and feel free to call.  WBLF NewsTalk 970 AM, from 3 – 5.  Call 814-272-9700, or email

Lots more tomorrow!



One thought on “Wednesday March 31, 2010: Getting There, Little by Little…

  1. Hey, I tried tuning in yesterday but I was having LOTS of trouble with the signal (this was in State College a little after 3:00 p.m.; I was in my car). So why is the casa so horrible? Did I miss the meaning behind the name?

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