Wednesday April 1, 2010: A Change of Heart

After three days of doing talk radio, I’ve changed my mind.  I’ve been wrong all along.  I now support the new health care law.  I think the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes.  I think tea party protesters are racist, mentally handicapped, knuckle-dragging…

Nope.  Can’t do it.  Even on April Fools Day.

I just love the civility and love coming from the left.  They say Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and other talk show hosts spew racism and “hate.”  But have you ever heard lefty talker Mike Malloy?  Here’s what he has to say about Beck, Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly:   “You rat bastards are going to cause another Murrah federal building explosion.  [M]aybe at that point Beck will do the honorable thing and blow his brains out.  Maybe at that point, Limbaugh will do the honorable thing and just gobble up enough – enough Viagra that he becomes absolutely rigid and keels over dead. Maybe then O’Reilly will just drink a vat of that poison he spews out on America every night and choke to death.”

Can’t you just feel the love?  If you want to hear the love, just click on the audio player below.

Mike Malloy

By the way, if you’re reading this through Facebook, you probably don’t see the audio player.  So if you’d like to hear the clip, just click here and you’ll be taken to the full blog.

Take a look at his picture.  Doesn’t he have the smug, self-satisfied, I’m-so-much-smarter-than-you look you would expect from someone who would say things like this?

I couldn’t resist.  Last night I sent Malloy the following email:

Dear Mike:
I have just this week begun doing a talk show on WBLF (AM 970) in State College, PA.  I am on from 3 – 5 PM, right after Rush.
I’d like to make a request:  Please put me on your hate list, and suggest nasty ways in which I might also kill myself.  I find your foot-stamping, spittle-producing, vein-throbbing, manufactured, mis-directed rage so very amusing.  And I just think if you would just add me to the list of horrible, awful, knuckle-dragging, stoopid, racist, mentally defective white male talk show hosts you hate, it just might do my career some good.
Well, on the other hand,  I’m not sure who it is that listens to your show.  Even here in State College, we have three talk stations, and you’re not on any of them that I’m aware of.  And I just moved here from Orlando… and even with four talk stations, I’m pretty sure you weren’t on any of them there either.
Oh, never mind.
Have a great day, Mike!  And just keep spewing the hate!
All the best,
I haven’t received a response yet.  I imagine he’s too busy cooking up more death fantasies.
Had a great hour yesterday afternoon with Betty Jackson, Peter Trippett and Greg Fasolt, the leaders of the local 912 Project.  Take a look at their web site, sign up and get involved!   And join them for the April 15 Tea Parties.  There’ll be one on the courthouse steps in Bellefonte from 11 AM – 1PM, and then at the Central Parklet in State College from 4 – 6PM.  I’m planning to broadcast live from the State College Tea Party… details to come.  And I’ll post the audio from yesterday’s interview here a bit later… check for updates.
Join me this afternoon at 3 on NewsTalk 970 WBLF for more truth, sanity, sweetness, light and love.
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5 thoughts on “Wednesday April 1, 2010: A Change of Heart

  1. Love it, SB ! I never heard of Mike Malloy till now. I guess that would be an awful thing, if I really cared to know the man, that is.
    It sounds like he may have had too many LSD trips in his radical 60’s protests.
    I can see it in his eyes, too.

    I watch Glenn, Sean, Bill and listen to Rush. You would think I was a racist, no-good for nothin’, gun totin’, backwoods illiterate. But, guess what ! I am a very sane, commonsensical AMERICAN !
    I am a firm believer in the American Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE.

    Yes, there will be the nuts out there on both sides. Let’s not allow the “lame media” put WE THE PEOPLE in an unattractive light as they have done the passed few weeks.
    I think it is shameful, if not irresponsible what the media is doing with their violent rhetoric.
    I believe in the 1st amendment, but there are times responsibility and commonsense need to be at the forefront of a news agencies agenda.


      1. looking over the site. kind of in a hurry to get errands done. but, i can’t find the actual link to join. I signed up for Glenn’s newsletter, but it says I am already signed up. But, I don’t get the letter in my email…Hmmm?

    1. Thanks Tonya! I have a long struggle ahead of me yet, but this blog and my talk show are the things that’ll keep me going. It’s always great to hear from you!

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