Friday April 2, 2010: Abigail’s Birthday!

Abigail and Sparky

Yep, that’s the important thing today.  It’s my niece Abigail’s 13th birthday, and I hope she has the best one ever.  She’s a wonderful kid, and I’m so glad to be back where I can see her again.  Here’s to you, kiddo!

On yesterday’s show,  Greg Myers and Peter Trippett emailed a couple of music videos, and we played the audio on the air.  One is a couple of guys singing their “You Picked a Fine Time to Lead Us Barack,”  to the tune of  Kenny Rogers’ “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille.”  It’s worth a look:

But I really love this one, sent by Peter Trippet.  The audio is great, but to really get the full comedy, you have to see it: 

Another beautiful spring day in Happy Valley!  Have a wonderful Easter weekend.  As Charles Osgood would say, “See you on the radio!”

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One thought on “Friday April 2, 2010: Abigail’s Birthday!

  1. Steve i love this entry. sorry i got around so late to reading it, but i’ve been busy. have a great day.


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