Wednesday April 7, 2010: Thoughts and Prayers for WV Miners…

The mine disaster in West Virginia has been on my mind since yesterday.  As of now, 25 miners died, and four are still missing.  The rescue crews are drilling to vent the methane gas that caused the explosion in the first place… a very dangerous process in itself.

Tragic personal stories are coming out of Montcoal, West Virginia.  Families have lost fathers, sons, brothers…  And I can’t even begin to imagine the anguish of those waiting to learn the fate of those still trapped.

Let’s today, send our thoughts, prayers, and positive energy to those whose lives have been so utterly devastated.  It all puts many things in perspective.  For example, I’ve had a rough year… but it doesn’t begin to match the grief, anguish and helplessness felt by those folks just one state away from us.

And then there’s this, from the AP this morning:

JULIAN, W.Va. — The coal mine rocked by an explosion that killed at least 25 workers in the nation’s deadliest mining disaster since 1984 had been cited for 600 violations in less than a year and a half, some of them for not properly ventilating methane — the highly combustible gas suspected in the blast.

I hope those company officials who allowed this disaster to occur  are held accountable and pay a very high price for their negligence.  It would be great if they were sentenced to work and provide for the victims’ families for the rest of their lives.

– – –

Yesterday I put together a little piece for the show about the hypocrisy of the left — which wasn’t too hard to do.  It features lefty talkshow host Mike Malloy, and the amazing California Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

The Amazing Ms. Waters (D-CA)

It’s incredible how the very people who are now so “concerned” about the supposed incitement to violence from Tea Party protesters were, just a few years ago, oblivious to the vicious hatred directed toward President Bush.  I got a lot (but not all) of the material from the Breitbart web site.  What prompted me to put this together, though, was a web site that showed the offensive, unhinged, hateful signs advocating the killing George Bush that we saw just a short time ago.  As the site is, obviously, visually oriented, I decided to go ahead and make it available on the radio.  If you want to actually see the hatred, go HERE.  Prepare to be offended and disgusted.

To hear yesterday’s commentary, with plenty of audio clips, you can listen here: 

Or, if you’re so inclined, I would certainly have no objection if you want to download it and share it: The Hypocrisy of the Left

By the way, I’m in the process of moving this blog to a new server and  web host.  That won’t really mean much, except there’ll be a slightly different URL on which to click.  What it will mean to me, though, is that I’ll be able to add that ever-popular web advertising, which just might make me a teeny tiny bit of extra money.   I promise, though: no pop-ups.  More information as it becomes available.

Today’s Curiosities

  • Well, my apologies, but there aren’t any today.  Unless the lack of interesting links is, in itself, a curiosity…. they’ll be back tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday April 7, 2010: Thoughts and Prayers for WV Miners…

  1. I will not listen to the hate-mongers such as Maxine Waters. I don’t need my blood pressure any higher. The utter hatred and hypocrisy is mind-numbing. Are there really that many lemming-like morons in this one great country who actually agree, or even worship these cretins???

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