Wednesday April 14, 2010: Less is More

And “less” is, unfortunately, what I’ve been offering here for the past couple of days.   Driving a cab from 6PM-4AM, and doing whatever it is I do during the day seems to have had a deleterious effect on what remains of my brain cells.

So during the days on which I work long, brutal hours, something’s going to get shortchanged, and it looks like this is the shortchangee.   But when I’m not prowling the streets of State College, looking for victim passengers,  I’ll be here blogging away, for better or for worse (see illustration.)

This is the illustration to which I was referring

By the way, thanks, Emily, for forwarding the article about cilantro, and, essentially, why it’s okay to hate it.  Julia Child hated it, and she did okay.

Now.  Must do stuff.

I just hope I can remember what.


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