Friday April 23, 2010: Blue White Weekend

It’s that time again here in Happy Valley: Blue White Weekend.  If you live ’round these parts, you already know what that is.   If not, well, let me try to explain.  And, by the way, the fact that I am not a football fan may color my explanation some, because I really don’t understand it.

The Blue-White game is the centerpiece of the whole weekend of festivities.  It is an off-season scrimmage during which the Penn State Nittany Lions are divided into two teams: The Blue team, and, yep,  you guessed it, The White team.  From my perspective, it’s primarily an opportunity for football-starved Penn State fans to tailgate, party, and see a game in Beaver Stadium during that long, sad time of the year that is not football season.  I never did understand, though, how people decide which team to root for.

Here’s how a writer for the Harrisburg Patriot-News describes it:

Are you ready for some meaningless exhibition football? Thousands of Nittany Lion devotees make their spring pilgrimage to State College each year for Blue-White Weekend, highlighted by a scrimmage that offers an oasis of Penn State football in the long off-season. It kicks off at 2 p.m. Saturday, is free to attend and fans can sit anywhere in the stadium.

It has evolved, though, into a great weekend of events:  music, a carnival, a Wing Fest, fireworks… all that sort of stuff.  It’s another one of the huge annual events that draws enormous numbers of people into State College — and we have many.  There is, of course, regular football season, for which many people live.  There are the art festivals in July, and Fourth Fest: one of the largest 4th of July fireworks displays in the US, and the Grange Fair in August.

This is how we mark the time of the year here in Happy Valley.

Last year, I attended many of the Blue-White festivities, including the game, with my former significant other. It was a rollicking good time.  (Note to self:  try to find out at what point events actually start to rollick.)

This year, after the completely unforeseen turns of event in my life, I will be getting up at 3:00 AM, and driving a taxi all day Saturday, taking people to and from the events — unable to participate in them myself this time around.  The good part of that is that I stand to make quite a bit of money for the weekend.

So have a great weekend, and if you need a ride, give me a call.

One last question, which has absolutely nothing to do with the weekend itself:  Red and blue are both primary colors, right?  So how come, if you mix red and white, you get pink… but if you mix blue and white, you get light blue?  Not really looking for an answer, you understand… just a pre-coffee thought.

Today’s Curiosities

  • And now, just in time for the day after Earth Day: For your perusal, from some eco-fanatic scare mongers: 7 Foods So Unsafe Even Farmers Won’t Eat Them.  Yeah, okay, fine. This must explain why we see people suddenly dropping dead all over the place.  Oh, wait, that’s right — we don’t!
  • Wanna be a chick magnet?  Of course you do!  Uh… unless of course you are a chick…. Then drive an ’88 Aries K.  Fun spoof commercial:

3 thoughts on “Friday April 23, 2010: Blue White Weekend

  1. Steve, I’m so glad you’re back to keep us all on our toes. The Blue/White rant was great but I really got into the link to “The 7 Foods Farmers Won’t Eat”!

  2. Pink is light red.

    Last weekend was University of Florida’s orange and blue day as well. I thought it was pretty crazy myself. Who does everyone cheer for? Everyone on team A and everyone on Team B. Bob went and had a great time with his cousin. It’s only April…these people have quite a wait until football season begins. 🙂

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