Tuesday April 27, 2010: Obligation Overload

All of a sudden, there’s too much to do.  Okay, well, there’s a time and place for everything, and now I have to become more organized than I have been heretofore, and this, unfortunately, requires fighting my own nature.

So, again, blogging may be a tad sparse for the next few days while I try to figure out how to pound round pegs into square holes (see illustration).

Still, things are finally on the upswing — I’m feeling more energized than I have for a long time.

Also, I’m still working out some stuff, but I’m still planning to move this blog to another server, and there will be a slightly different URL.  I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great Tuesday!  –Steve


5 thoughts on “Tuesday April 27, 2010: Obligation Overload

  1. And yet, you have a professional organizer in your back pocket… on her way home from the week long convention of the National Association of Professional Organizers… all energized, fired up with enthusiam and ready to organize everything that crosses her path. What’s wrong with this picture? Should she have headed east from Columbus, OH instead of South to NC? She’s all up to date on data/paper/technology organizing systems as well as refreshers in home & business finances, and had a few seminars on general home/business organizational sytems updates. Did you forget her tn # or email address?

  2. Since your triumphant return to “Happy Valley” (hopefully someone happy to see you back was blowing a triumphant as you rolled into town), have you ever thought to yourself “I’m taking on too much…”?

    I know you want to resume your participation in the lifestyle of the community, but remember this: “Rome was not built in a day”.

    P.S. – Send me a message on Facebook with your new email address, ok?

  3. Steve,
    I hate to say it, but you remind me of my mother-in-law. Unfortunately, she is 63 and slightly brain damaged. Her organization skills are very disoriented to say the least.
    Sorry, to say.
    Friend, take your time. Don’t try to raze your old Happy Valley life in a matter of weeks.
    Working nights, you won’t be able to remember your lines at play practice. So, I’d say make a choice there. Whatever, you decide, SLOW DOWN !

    1. Actually, I’ve had to let the taxi driving go pretty much, so working nights won’t be much of an issue… I am working fulltime in radio, though: part sales, part programming… still a lot on my plate!

  4. I thought more about my previous post with the statement “hopefully someone happy to see you back was blowing a triumphant as you rolled into town”. I wondered “could there be people reading this who DON’T know what a triumphant is?”.

    It is nearly like a regular Umphant, but with three (“tri”).

    If it only had two it would be a Biumphant, but that would be silly.

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