Thursday May 6, 2010: Silent Disaster

Let’s see… what’s in the news… huge oil spill in the Gulf… more arrests in the Times Square bombing attempt… violence in Greece…

…wait.  What’s this about a disaster of epic proportions?  In Nashville?   Where’s the mainstream media?

Seriously.  A great American city is under water today.  Damage estimates are in the billions of dollars.  At least five people are dead.  The rain totals are incredible.   Please, take 4 minutes and watch this video.  It’ll shock you… and it’ll move you… and it’ll make you wonder: Why have we not heard much about this?? I have no explanation — not even a theory — as to why this has been virtually ignored by the media.  It is, though, a shocking and disgraceful dereliction of duty.

Following the video is a list of charitable organizations that are doing what they can to help the residents of Nashville.

How to help:

So let’s get the word out:  Please pass this along and see if we can help our fellow Americans in Nashville in their time of need.


9 thoughts on “Thursday May 6, 2010: Silent Disaster

  1. Steve, don’t you know that Tiger Woods’ mistress having yet another affair with some married celebrity is WAY more important than this?????

  2. yeah Steve, I sure have noticed that too – maybe its because the elite media perceives Tennesseans as bible beating, rednecks, who ‘cling to their guns’ – just a theory! Sad, however.

  3. I just forwarded your info to about everyone I know. My Sister-in-law and her husband spent several days trying to get out of there earlier this week. There are a lot of people who don’t have that option. Let’s help them!Namaste.

  4. As I sit here takin a break from the farm (waitin for my once a month order of food) I gotts to agree with what them words from that Russ fella wrote.

    Let me start by saying that I has to go “into town” to reach a computer box because as an official redneck who also “clings” I am for sure not of the right constituency (had to burrow a big book with words in it to find that word) that this guy in that big white house cares about.

    I was searching on that interwebnet thingy to try to find out which guy won that big party they had just a few seasons ago. It was that thing where all us hicks from my side of the mountain were picked up on a bus and promised 20 bucks and some tobaccy if we went to the building where you could sign a form saying who you wanted to be the top dog in our once great country. After they had themselves a winner (which the bus driver told us would be the guy he wanted us to sign for) they had this here GIANT party that Ed on the other peak over yonder SWORE it cost somthin like OVER $1000.00 dollars.

    But to get myself back on target, I was tryin to see on this here information box who them folks in that there state of Tennessee signed up for at that big party they had.

    Seems to me that some group called wikianswers already had this here idea of mine and they looked for the answer I was lookin for. They says that them folks in that flood ravaged (Ed told me this means 2 things – one of them meanins is about what you do to your old man or old lady, the other meanin fits this talk we is havin now) state did not vote for the guy we was all told would win who does now sit in that big white house.

    Now, I is a simple “clingy” kinda guy and I am not some poly science school learned fella like Ed’s son Bubba, but do you think that this “not likin that guy in that big white house” could have any thing to do with us little folk not hearin anything about them po folks in Tennessee?

    I wonder if them folks on my “squak box” likes that guy in the big white house?

    Kinda like when Ed made fun of his old ladys new dress, she didn’t not let him sleep in their bed room for a long time.


  5. So, just sayin’, (and this applies to “the right”, “the left”, “the independents”, and any gradation in between) but I think it is not helpful in social/political dialog to generalize so much about groups of people under the various labels such “the elite media”, “the real america”, “liberals”, “conservatives”, “tea-baggers”, “wing nuts”. For instance there are many different viewpoints in “the media” including *some* truly objective viewpoints. “The media” (and here I am addressing mostly the “news media” which provides both “real news” and “commentary”, that is sometimes difficult to distinguish between) includes any of the TV networks, radio, the print media, various affiliated and non-affiliated bloggers. Using a term like “the elite media” suggests that those being reported on are somehow the “victims” of the reporting (or in this case under-reporting ) of the news organizations. But apparently not all of the news organizations, just “the elite media”. You know…the “lame-stream-media”. The ones with the liberal slant. (and yes “the left” tends to do the same thing when it dismisses everything on Fox as “Faux News”).
    My opinion is that ALL news organizations do some things poorly and some things well, some things biased and some unbiased. Most of these organizations are profit driven, corporate entities and they make decisions based on money (and sometimes ideology).
    As far as “the real america”, some of them live in the country, some live in the cities, some live in the suburbs, some lean left, some lean right, some stand up straight (and yes, some stand up “Gay”) but they are all worthy of being called “Real Americans”. Unfortunately, partly due to labeling and name-calling in the name of “standing up for what I believe in” about half of the real Americans think the other half is their enemy rather than their fellow countryman.

    I have been following coverage (and there *is* some coverage) of Nashville’s plight. It is quite a mess and a tragedy for many and my heart goes out to them.

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