Thursday May 13, 2010: Twelve Angry… line please?

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Only a few more days to go before we open with Twelve Angry Men at the Boal Barn Playhouse.  It’s an interesting theater to work in.  For one thing, I’ve never done theater in the round before.  It’s an extra challenge.  Another thing that’s interesting is the theater itself.   Although it’s been used as a playhouse for 50 years, it’s an actual barn.  No heat, no air conditioning.  This week has been unseasonably cold here in central PA, so we had some odd moments in rehearsal.

The play takes place in a jury room on a hot summer day in the 50s — back when buildings were not routinely air-conditioned.  So the heat adds to the angst felt by the jurors.  So there we were, bundled up in jackets, sweaters, gloves, hats… complaining about how hot it was.  Now, that’s acting!

My big challenge has been learning lines.  I haven’t done a show since the early ’80s, so I guess maybe memorizing is not as easy as it once was.  But I have a lot of lines that could be interchangeable.  Like, he’s right! or I want you to listen to this man — he’s right! or  So do I! or me too!

Add to that the fact that the whole dozen of us are on stage all the time, for the entire three acts, and it multiplies the difficulties.  No sneaking a peek at the script during a break when other stuff is going on.  It’s all of us, all the time.  It’ll all come together — these things always do.

So, if you’re in the area, do you have your tickets yet?  Get ’em by calling 814-466-7141, or visit

Hope to see you there!   Hope I know my lines!


3 thoughts on “Thursday May 13, 2010: Twelve Angry… line please?

  1. Memorization of all the lines would be REALLY hard for me. I don’t even trust myself with memorizing piano music anymore (although much of it is in there somewhere). Amazing that you can perform with so little time to work on it!

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