Monday May 17, 2010: A Little Dab’ll Do Ya.

Surface tension???

It’s getting closer now: tomorrow night Twelve Angry Men opens at the Boal Barn Playhouse in Boalsburg.  Last night was a dress tech rehearsal, and tonight is the final dress, with a small invited audience.   Since the play takes place in the 1950s, some of us have to slick back our hair a bit.  And how do you do that?  With Brylcreem of course.

I didn’t even know they still made the stuff.  I don’t understand why they still make the stuff.  I mean, who uses it anymore?  But there in the dressing room are tubes of it (as well as Groom n’ Clean and Vitalis Hair Tonic).  You just rub some Brylcreem in your hands, and thence into your hair.  Then, you comb it back (it leaves quite an oil slick on the comb) and there you are.  Hair now held in place with the power of petroleum byproducts.  A hurricane couldn’t dislodge one hair when it is under the protective shield of Brylcreem.

I was a bit hesitant to go outside with this stuff in my hair because I thought it might attract bugs.  So far, I remain bug-free, but I just have this feeling that it collects dust, cobwebs, little bits of paper, and whatever else might be floating through the air. It leaves you with the constant feeling that you need to wash your hair and wash it right now.

Really, though, why on Earth did we ever use this stuff??  Shiny, bouncy, hair that moves is one thing.  Shiny, greasy hair that clings to your hair like a plastic helmet is quite another.  Look at the guy in the ad.  He has something of a maniacal look, wouldn’t you say?  And does he really have enough hair to attack it with two brushes?  Who does that??  I guess when you’re dealing with the power of Brylcreem,  you don’t want to take any chances.

Just Googled ’em.  How would you like to be the one who’s in charge of the Brylcreem web site?  They even have a Face Book page.  I wonder how many people now eagerly follow Brylcreem on the social networking sites.

By the way, on another topic entirely, I hope in the next few days to move this blog to a different server.    When I do, there will be a slightly different URL.  Don’t worry, I’ll tell you when.  But it’ll be (without the “wordpress” part.)   Explanations forthcoming.

But for now, let’s all sit back and enjoy this vintage Brylcreem TV commercial.  And remember guys, Brylcreem — a little dab’ll do ya — Brylcreem — the gals’ll  all pursue ya…

Happy Monday!  –Steve


5 thoughts on “Monday May 17, 2010: A Little Dab’ll Do Ya.

  1. The Brylcreem ad made me NOT nostalgic for those ads. Now I’ve got the jingle bouncing around in my brain!

  2. Steve –

    If you really want to live on the edge put a couple of drops of Vitalis IN with the Brylcreem, rub your hands together then apply to your hair…not only will it stay in place, but you’ll be constantly reminded of it by the aroma.

    Seriously – break a leg (thespianically speaking) and have fun – if I were 1,000 miles north, I’d buy a ticket.

    And watch out for the groupies!

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