And Now…

Well, let’s see. There’s so much I want to tell you… but, at the moment, I can’t. I’ve been wrestling with how to relate all of what’s going on without annoying and offending some folks I’d really rather not annoy or offend.

The last person on Earth I want to annoy or offend, for example, is my wonderful wife. But for some reason, she doesn’t want every detail of our lives made public. Can you imagine? She doesn’t even want her name mentioned. And that’s okay. Did you ever read James Lileks’ blog? He has something like a zillion hits a day… and his wife has the same sort of unreasonable demand. We don’t even know her name. So that’s off limits. Unfortunately, what’s going on right now revolves largely around the two of us, and our plans for the immediate future. But I love her dearly and I will accede to her wishes.

I guess I can say that she’s now in North Carolina, laying the groundwork for my move back there in three weeks. But that’s about it, I’m afraid.

The other people I don’t want to offend or annoy are the wonderful folks I work with here in Illinois. They really are some of the nicest, best people I’ve ever met. And southern Illinois has been home to them for a long time. So I don’t want to offend them by denigrating southern Illinois. But I think they mostly understand that, while it may be home to them, it’s not home to me. I’m way too far from my wife, my sister, and the friends I made in North Carolina… and I just have to go.

And as far as Illinois itself is concerned, well, again, no offense to the great folks here, but the day, three weeks from now, when I see the “Welcome To Illinois — Land Of Lincoln” sign backwards in my rearview mirror, it will have to pull off on the side of the road, just into Kentucky, get out of the car, and do the Happy Dance.

Again, it’s not the people I’ve come to like, respect and admire. It’s the state itself. Investors Daily today had a column suggesting that Illinois might just become the first state to actually go bankrupt. And it wouldn’t surprise me a bit. One friend here told me that he and some of the others who’ve lived here all their lives occasionally have the “What Happened To Our State???” conversation.

So more on all that later as well.

But I guess I can say that, three weeks from today, I’ll be packing up the truck and moving to North Carolina. There, my beautiful, wonderful, patient and wise wife, who shall remain nameless although you probably already know her name, awaits. And that day cannot come soon enough.

Another block to writing a really good post is the wrenching anxiety I’ve been going through, primarily because I miss her so much… and a bit of uncertainty about exactly what I’m going to do once I get there… has, I reckon, caused just a bit of a block to all those semi-humorous, wry observations about life and politics I use to write about. It’ll all come back once the waters settle a bit. They will, won’t they?

One good thing, though, is this: I have lost 35 pounds in the past four months. I’m thinking of writing a diet book. But I’d better come up with something better than the working title I have in mind: How To To Lose Weight Through Excruciating Anxiety. Need something a bit better than that.

Any Ideas?


2 thoughts on “And Now…

  1. Funny, I have the “What happened to our state?” conversation about Pennsylvania all the time. But for all that, it’s still home to me.

  2. Good to hear from you. Moving again…
    Incidentally, I think the reaSON YOUR WIFE DOESN’T WANT her NAME MENTIONED IS THAT people would find out that she marred You! 😉

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