Thanks are not enough….

…but thanks are all I have.

I am amazed.  Humbled.  And words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for everyone who responded to yesterday’s post.  It was, as I said, the most difficult thing I have ever had to write, but this is the second most difficult… only because it’s difficult to see the monitor when you have tears in your eyes.

Because of you, it looks like my wife and I will be able to get through the difficult weeks ahead.   We’re not out of the woods yet… not by a long shot.  But at least I know I can now make the trip to North Carolina beginning this Friday, and we’ll be able to meet our necessary expenses.

Not only am I grateful for the monetary help, and for the offers of points for hotel rooms and other gifts, but for the  encouraging, positive, and loving messages and prayers.  I’m saving every one of them so I can look at them often in the weeks ahead.

I’ve often thought that I was truly blessed to have such  a wonderful group of friends, but even at that, I wasn’t aware just how blessed I really am.  It’s difficult to feel that I am actually that deserving.

My wife (who understandably prefers that I not use her name in this blog, but you probably know it anyway) has asked me to express her unending gratitude as well.  We’ve only seen each other for two short visits since the first week of April… and since we’ve only been married since December,  that seems like forever.   Now, if all goes well this week, it’s only five more days until I can be with her again.  I’ll be staying busy though, to the best of my ability.  I have to get this house packed up,  but I have to stop and rest quite frequently, and the slow progress is a bit frustrating.

Some people have expressed concern about my ability to make the trip.  The doctor here said that if I take it slowly and carefully, and rest often, he’s not too concerned about it.  And I’m not going to be driving a truck,  just my car.  We’re using a company called ABF U-Pack for the move.  They drop off a 28-foot trailer here on Friday the 10th (it’s one of those tandem trailers you see on the road,) and when my allotted 10 linear feet are filled with my stuff, they come pick it up… and then it shows up three or four days later in High Point, NC.  Much better than driving a 10-foot rental truck and towing the car… a prospect which had thrilled me not at all.  So I should be okay.  I plan on leaving here Friday evening, after the trailer’s packed.  Another wonderful group of people… those with whom I worked here at River Radio, have volunteered to come here after work on Friday and load it up for me.  Shouldn’t take much time at all.  And when that’s done, I’ll head out, with an overnight stop along the way.

So that’s the story here.  And again, I cannot thank you enough for your help, kind messages and prayers.  You really will never know how much you have done for me.  But I will never forget.





One thought on “Thanks are not enough….

  1. You received nothing that you did not deserve just for being you. Your place in the life force has been to give pleasure to many, many people. Now it’s your turn to get back some of that good karma. namaste, my friend.

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