One Day At A Time

That’s what my wife just told me when I texted her about all the stuff that has to be done between now and Friday.  As usual, she is correct.  I have discovered that she’s almost always right, so that was no surprise.

I tend to allow myself to become overwhelmed by events and tasks, and I’ve been trying to learn to take things just piece by piece.  And, given the current situation, I really have no choice.  I’m slowly getting this little house packed, up, but even though I have divested myself of a good many things over the past few years, I still marvel at exactly how much junk there is.  And I’m trying to go by the rule that if I haven’t seen it or used it for a year, then out it goes.  Even some stuff of sentimental value… like some photos that I really don’t need to look at again… have hit the dustbin.

Now, I’m just trying to pace myself: work, rest, work rest.   The worst thing would be if I had a heart “episode” while I’m still here in Illinois, and would have to have the bypass surgery, and the resulting post-operative care here.   And the reason that would be so bad is because the post-op arrangements here would be, for all intents and purposes, non-existent.  Now, we’re just working toward getting everything done so I can make that trip to North Carolina beginning on Friday.

And, because of  your generosity, and your  response to the plea that I made on Saturday, we have a bit more peace of mind as to how we’re going to make this move and take care of our expenses over the next month.  Again, I cannot thank you enough.  I am absolutely overwhelmed, and feel somewhat undeserving.  But my gratitude is, again, unending.

I’d better go pack up the stuff in the kitchen.  I’ll keep you posted…


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