Tuesday June 7: Packing and Resting and Packing and Resting…

I don’t remember bringing this much stuff with me to southern Illinois.  I swear I don’t.  When I got here in October, I spent one afternoon, unloading the truck by myself.  The only big thing I’ve acquired since then is a couch.  So why is there so much stuff here?

The lousy thing about all this is that I am a horrible organizer/packer.  I tend to become overwhelmed, and just start stuffing boxes with… with…anything.  And I don’t even have a nice Sharpie to label the boxes.  So when the truck pulls up in North Carolina sometime next week, it’ll just be surprise after surprise.

But I’ve been brutal in my throwing away (which, of course, is better than brutal throwing up.)  I’ve thown away photos, my old hypnotherapy certificates, CDs that nobody else could possibly want, CDs that maybe somebody would want… I’ve spent hours ripping music from CDs to the hard drive, and dumping the CDs… hours scanning old State College Magazine columns and throwing the magazines away….

Then there’s the food.  What am I supposed to do with that?  My rule seems to be if the box is unopened, find a place to pack it.  If it’s opened, out it goes.  That’s why I threw away the rigatoni, but saved the big shells that my wife said she’d use for stuffed shells someday.  The Chex cereal is gone, but the Honey Nut Cheerios come with us.

I really hate this!

Now the good news:  because of your incredible outpouring of help, Tammy (okay, I’m finally mentioning her name) will be able to come here to southern Illinois on Thursday and help with the last minute packing, and the organizing of the trailer.  Thank God.  Not only will that be helpful, but we’ll be able to drive back to North Carolina together… and that will be contribute a great deal to my peace of mind.  But the important thing is that I miss her so very much, and I just can’t wait to be together with her again.

I remain eternally grateful for your help, your prayers, your love, and support through this tough time.

Seems that yesterday, I was able to regain a sense of peace, hope… even a bit of silly humor.  Or humorous silliness.  Whichever you’d prefer.

Anyway… we’ll keep you posted… and thank you.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday June 7: Packing and Resting and Packing and Resting…

  1. Don’t give up… little by little in these overwhelming type jobs. I wish you could ship your CDs / DVDs to me so I could sell them for you. Is there no one else around to help you?

  2. Not at the moment; I’m pretty much alone. But, thank God, Tammy will be here on Thursday to take over and get me back to North Carolina. I’m counting the seconds. Oh, no. Just lost count….

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