Time to Unite (with correction)

Even before my current crises — those of needing heart surgery, and unemployment — I felt the urgent need to move to North Carolina to be near my sister and niece, and closer to our other friends and family members.

I strongly believe that, a year from now, our world will be very very different from the one in which we now live — and not in a good way.  I am not a conspiracy theorist, a prophet, or a tin-foil hat lunatic, but it does not take a radical mindset to see the writing on the wall.

In the first iteration of this post, I said “The RAND Corporation recently released a report which concludes that Iran, under the fanatical direction of Ahmadinejad, may be as little as eight weeks away from deploying nuclear weapons.”  Now I learn that the report does not come directly from Rand, but rather from an adjunct staffer there.  It has widely been quoted in the media, and incorrectly attributed to Rand.  I’m sorry for the error… but still, I believe, there are hugely dangerous times ahead.

And there are other analysts who, contrary to the conventional wisdom, believe radical Islamic groups may be ready to launch an attack on Israel, perhaps by the end of the summer.  Are they correct?  I have no idea. But there is no question that the middle east is a powder keg, and if it blows up, the effects will be felt worldwide.  You think the price of gas is high now?  Just wait.

Here in our own country, we are rushing headlong towards fiscal insolvency.  Not only that, but our stabilizing role in world affairs has eroded considerably, and that erosion continues.

Nobody can predict, with any degree of certainty, just what will happen, or when.  But I think it’s safe to say that, as difficult as times are right now, they are going to get worse — a lot worse — before they ever get better.

So now is the time, I think, for families and communities to pull together.  Churches, neighborhoods, families and friends will, of necessity, have to form support networks, and take care of each other in the days that lie ahead.  This is the only way we are likely to get through.

I really hate to sound pessimistic, but the signs are not looking good.  And it’s better to be prepared for crisis than to let it take us by surprise.

I have already seen the power of support from family and friends in just the past few days.  Because of your help and support, I can now breathe a bit easier, and Tammy will be coming here tomorrow to help with the last minute organizing and packing, and will then drive with me back to North Carolina. We could not have made that happen without you.

And I know, in the next months, as I have my needed surgery, and recover to become a stronger healthier person, that my mission will be to help others in need, in whatever small way I am capable of.  But the point is that in the days that lie ahead, I believe strongly that we will all need each other more than we ever have before.  The time to unite is now.


6 thoughts on “Time to Unite (with correction)

    1. No, Bev, I’m pretty sure that’s some independent huckster who’s using shameless fear-mongering to cash in on the current crises.

  1. Actually, I agree with you. For the past few years I have been talking with others (and our two sons) about the importance of families uniting together, living nearer each other and being prepared to help each other as the country and the world continues its downward spiral–economically, physically and spiritually…

    1. Exactly, Tonya. I do think there are a lot of people who are whistling past the graveyard these days, just hoping that the challenges we fact will just go away. But they will not.

  2. Steve, you and I talked at length about a year ago about this whole mess and I have been on a crusade trying to get people to open their eyes and help throw this administration out, but to no avail. At this point I am giving up on trying to convince anyone that refuses to see the facts and now my husband and I are busy preparing for very, very rough times ahead. We have spent thousands on foods and equipment to hopefully survive when the doodoo hits! Better to have and not need than to need and not have! Good letter my friend!

    1. Kerry, you’re right… but it’ll take a whole lot more than simply throwing this administration out. It will take a huge awakening. People must realize the dangers and challenges we face. We have, all of our lives, lived in relative peace and security, which is an historical anomaly. Soon, I fear, we will all discover that our lovely American cocoon will come unraveled. Those who choose to pretend that it will not, will have a rude awakening. Those, like you and your husband, who are able to prepare for hard times, will be okay. Then there are the rest of us: We’re aware, but there’s precious little we can do about it.

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