Moving Day

What a strange couple of weeks it’s been.  Heart “episode,” which prompted unemployment earlier than expected…

…an incredible, humbling outpouring of help, support and prayers from old friends and new…

…and now, today, the day everything gets packed into a trailer, and we start the trip back to North Carolina.

After work to day some of the folks I worked with at River Radio here in southern Illinois will be over to help pack the trailer… I don’t have that much stuff, so it should take no more than an hour, tops.

Because of your kindness, my wise and wonderful wife was able to come here yesterday to help out, and will be with me on the drive back to North Carolina… we should be there by late Saturday…. and then…

…and then, I’m just not sure what’ll happen.  I have to have the bypass surgery before I can do much of anything for work, and how that will all play out, with no job and no insurance is uncertain… but we’ll find out soon enough.

Years ago, back in the 70s, I worked with a guy named Russ Wheeler, at WKIS in Orlando.  Russ had a motto, which he used frequently on the air:  “Press On Regardless.”  I like that.  So as yet another chapter begins, we’ll remember that everything’s in God’s hands… and we will press on regardless.


One thought on “Moving Day

  1. Rusty Crane (KIKI/Honolulu), press on, press off…wait, that was Karate Kid. No, wax on, wax off. Never mind. Sorry to hear about your impending bypass surgery. As my Buddhist wife says, things happen for a reason and if you die, hope that you don’t come back as an animal because that will mean you really f***ed up! Well, maybe she didn’t say it exactly like that, but that was the meaning. All the best wishes in the world coming your way. You can write to me at

    Good luck!

    Tony Taylor

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