Back in the Eastern Time Zone Where We Belong

For once, everything went according to plan.   Tammy got to Illinois on Thursday, we spent Friday with last minute chores and packing… and then, at 5:15, the great folks from River Radio in Carterville showed up, and within a few minutes, that trailer was packed, sealed, and ready for pickup.  Unending gratitude to Lana, Rachael, Brian, MacKenzie, Matt and Kim for loading the furniture and our other belongings.  We could not have done it without you.

We were exhausted enough so we got only as far as somewhere in central Kentucky on Friday night,  then, made the drive the rest of the way on Saturday.

Only one little… uh… adventure during the trip.  I got a call from ABF U-Pack (the freight company that does the hauling) saying that my former landlord was threatening to have the trailer impounded because he didn’t want it in the front yard.

Of course I’d told him the trailer would be there for a day or two, and would be picked up Monday, but apparently that went in one ear and out the other.  Not much to stop it from going right on through, frankly.  I left him three or four messages, but no reply.  We felt he’d figure out eventually that it would be a great deal of trouble for him to have this big 28-foot semi trailer impounded on a Sunday morning, only to have it gone on Monday anyway.

But just to be on the safe side, Tammy called him on Sunday morning… and he stumbled and stammered around, saying   Oh,  I wasn’t going to have it impounded… I just called to find out when it would be gone.

Yup.  Sure.  You bet.  Thanks, Noah, for sending my blood pressure up.  Just what I needed.  I’m not particularly worried that he’ll read this here and get mad again.  That would take at least a modicum of computer literacy.  In fact that would take a little bit of regular literacy, and I don’t think he has much of either.  Was that a mean thing for me to say?  I guess maybe a little.   Nonetheless…

So now, we’re getting settled in at the apartment in High Point.  We pretty much had to rest and do nothing on Sunday; there just was not an ounce of energy left.  And in a day or two we should be able to make the necessary arrangements for my bypass surgery, and start down that road.

Again, thanks to everybody who so generously made this possible.  We’ll keep you posted — and please let me know how you’re doing as well!



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