A Strange and Sad Day

I got a call very late last night from my ex-wife, Sandie.  She told me that her mother, June Corbin, died last night at the assisted care facility in which she lived.

June was the best mother-in-law a guy could have ever hoped for.  She was a kind and giving woman, always wondering if she was doing what God wanted her to do.  She was an Army nurse during World War II, and later went on to get her Masters Degree, and spent many years as a school nurse in Huntingdon County, PA.

She was also plagued for many years with bi-polar disorder, and generally kept herself balanced with lithium and prayer.  She was bi-polar before most people knew what it was… and fought the battle against it for many years: the soaring highs, and the crashing lows.  Finally, last night, during one of the deep, dark lows,  it won.

Now, I hope, June is finally at peace.   Tammy and I both send our prayers to Sandie, her sister Deb, and my niece Abigail.

I also found out today that my old friend Bob Church, former Program director at WDIZ in Orlando and WLOQ in Winter Park, died this week at Florida Hospital.  Bob was stricken with polio in childhood, and was, as I understand, confined to a wheelchair for the last years of his life.  Bob was also a member of the ’60s Orlando band “The Undertakers.”

Bob was one of the good guys… RIP, my old friend.

Now, here in North Carolina, we’re waiting for the truck carrying our belongings to arrive.  It should get here on Friday, after a tour through St. Louis and Dayton.  So our stuff will get to go places we’ve never been.  Not that Dayton has been on our travel bucket list or anything.

Still waiting to see how this surgery thing will ultimately play out.   Apparently, you can’t just walk into a cardiologist’s office and say, “I’m here!  I need bypass surgery!  I have no money and no insurance!  When can we schedule an appointment?”  Who knew?

So we’re exploring the options, some of which are sort of creative, and none of which involve the phrase “do it yourself.”   Nonetheless, I have duct tape and pieces of garden hose, in case they might come in handy.  I’ll keep you posted, if you’d like.

I’m confident, though, that within a week or so, things will become clear and we can proceed.  I can’t really go out and look for work until it’s taken care of.

Still, even with all of the events of the past few weeks, I am feeling more at peace, and certainly blessed.  It’s just great to be re-united with Tammy after what seems like forever.

And what Sandie’s going through is a valuable reminder to me that the world does not revolve around me or whatever trials and tribulations through which I may, momentarily be passing.

I hope your week is going well!



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