Waiting For Whatever’s Next…

It’s 2:15 PM, Tuesday June 21.  At the moment, I’m in Room 717 at the High Point Regional Health System (when did a hospital become a health system?) in High Point,  NC.

On  Sunday afternoon, Tammy drove me to the Emergency Room here, where I presented myself with chest discomfort and pain, identical to the episode of a few weeks earlier in southern Illinois.  Knew what to expect, and was, of course, admitted immediately.  That’s what happens when you have chest pain:  You’re whisked right past the compound fractures, the inflamed eyes, the deep cuts, the assorted lacerations and the third degree burns.  You’re on  a crash cart with an IV in your arm faster than you can say “I don’t have any insurance.”

And that’s how I came to be, on this Tuesday afternoon, in Room 717.

We came with a DVD of the heart cath that was done in southern Illinois a couple of weeks ago… and the cardiologist took a look and said he thought things weren’t really all that bad and that my condition could be treated with medication.  Surgery might not be necessary at all!  Until, that is, until he decided to do another heart cath himself, just to be on the safe side.

And that’s when he found it was WORSE than he thought, and now I need a triple or quadruple bypass.  I’ve gone now through a lot of the pre-op stuff about post-op rehab, how long you can’t drive (3 or 4 weeks) how long one must refrain from engaging in physical intimacy,

A normal, healthy heart

how to sit up…  oh, it’ll be a whole new world.

The thing that’s at the moment driving me crazy is, though, that the surgery hasn’t yet  been scheduled.   It could be tomorrow morning at 5, or tomorrow afternoon, or Thursday or Friday.  Nobody’s gotten back with us yet to tell us exactly when they’ll crack my ribs open andget started.  I’m hoping for

My heart, pre-surgery

tomorrow, though, because I’d really like to get this over with and start

back on the road to being a productive person.

Not that I was ever all that pr

oductive in the first place, but I’ll be more ready now.

So… as soon as I post this, the cardiologist is likely to come in and tell me when the grand opening will take place.

My heart post-op (artist rendering based on plans)

And of course, I’ll keep you posted.  Actually, Tammy says she’ll write a blog post or two while I’m hopefully, heavily sedated.  So that’s an update for now… and I hope your week is going well!


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