So Is This A Trial or a Tribulation? Actually, Who Cares?

So I came to High Point Regional Hospital on Sunday feeling chest constrictions… not too awfully surprising considering that at Heartland Regional Medical Center in Marion, Illinois, they had been ready to whisk me right into the OR for surgery just a couple of weeks ago…

…and of course various problems got in the way of that, so we decided to make the move that we’d been planning, to North Carolina, and see what we could do here.  Not the easiest thing with no insurance.

Anyway, my triple, or perhaps even quadruple bypass surgery was scheduled for yesterday.  But wouldn’t ya know it?   A pesky old fever took hold — one that I decidedly DID NOT HAVE before entering the hospital in the first place.  My temperature spiked on Tuesday at 105 degrees…. and, for a time, I’m told, entered the not-totally-unpleasant land of delerium.  Well, it wasn’t totally unpleasant for me anyway… but I think my wife found it to be a tad trying.

Anyway, because they couldn’t pinpoint the source of the fever, I was, of course, removed from the surgical schedule.  For the past couple of days I’ve been pumped full of antibiotics and Tylenol, and Wednesday spent the day on a rubber blanket with cold water running through it.  Ever slept on a waterbed with no heater?  This is much, much worse.  But all these things at least served to bring down my temperature into more normal realms.

Word is, though, I’ll be discharged from the hospital today,with fistfuls of antibiotics to take at home, and won’t be able to come back here (unless, of course, I have an actual heart attack — which is not at all out of the question) until July 14th to schedule the surgery.

And of course, until all that’s over with, and I’m recovered, I can’t even begin to look for a job.

Well, at least it’ll be good to be home for a few weeks with my wife and sister and niece until we can finally get this show on the road.

What I’ll want more than anything when I leave here today is a huge cup of strong black coffee and a cigarette.  This, I know, is not going to happen.  But it sure is what I’ll want.  I have been informed by Tammy… in no uncertain terms… that I have smoked my last cigarette.

Sigh.  Whimper, whimper… (soft sobbing fades….)

More exciting updates as they become available.



4 thoughts on “So Is This A Trial or a Tribulation? Actually, Who Cares?

  1. You were still smoking!? Good for Tammy!

    Just a thought… not sure if you still want to be in radio or not but our neighbor across the street works in Alabama 2 weeks, then works out of his home for the other 2 weeks of the month. He converted a bedroom into his studio with a closet padded with carpet as his broadcasting station. Pretty neat. Have you considered working from home?

    1. Actually, Tonya, I’ve had a broadcast/voiceover studio similar to the one you describe for many years. i do occasional commercial/web/voiceover work… i’ll be redoubling my efforts, as i’m capable, in the weeks ahead… does your neighbor do voicetracking for stations?

  2. Good for Tammy, laying down the law about smoking. .the coffeecoffee would be a bad bit difficult. Thankful you are getting over rhe fever. Take it a day at a time and hopefully no alarming occurances will happen before surgery. Oraying for you and Tammy.

  3. Sorry to hear about all the tribulations but such is life. Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. Hopefully, there will be a joke in this thread somewhere down the line. By the way, I officially gave up smoking cigarettes but could never give up the coffee. Had to give up peanuts, chocolate and a few other things that weren’t really good for me. But I just replaced them with things I can eat….like cheeseburgers with bacon! LOL. My doctor says I need to lower my cholesterol a bit and get more exercise but they all say that. Good luck on finding a job. If you ever need a recommendation, just let me know. Good luck in all things. Tony Taylor

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