Okay, Now THAT’S Taken Care of…

Well, not exactly.  I have to say a quadruple bypass operation sure does take a lot out of you.  It’s sort of like being hit by a truck.  Or rather, it’s like what I imagine being hit by a truck is probably like in some respects.

On Tuesday, when Tammy got to come back and see me for the first time after the surgery, they wanted to be sure she was fully prepared: tubes and wires sticking out everywhere, and a generally unpleasant sight.  A hospital chaplain accompanied her,  apparently in case the whole experience caused her to have a crisis of faith or something, but all was well.  In fact, I wish she’d taken pictures; I’d sorta like to see what I looked like.  Or maybe not.

Today, everyone seems to be marveling over my progress.  I’m being told by doctors and nurses that my recovery to this point is unusually quick.  They say, “you look great!”  And I reply, “you should have seen me a week ago!”

But I’m under no delusions that the next month or so will be easy.  I hurt,  it’s very difficult to draw a deep breath, and I can’t use my arms to push out of a chair, or lift anything heavier than about 8 pounds.  To do so causes immediate pain around the incision.   And I’m very, very tired.  There’s a lot of physical therapy and exercise ahead.  But my heart is fixed, and that’s the good news.

Thanks so much for all the prayers, support and good wishes.. and thanks to my wonderful wife Tammy for blogging here the past couple of days…  Now I need to go take a nap…



2 thoughts on “Okay, Now THAT’S Taken Care of…

    1. Nope… woke up after surgery, right on schedule… with a breathing tube down my throat… which, apparently, led to panic… and it was quickly removed. I only remember a little bit of that

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