Happy Cindy Bowen’s Birthday!

Today, August 1st, is Cindy Bowen’s birthday.  Who’s Cindy Bowen?  I don’t know.  But it’s her birthday.

Cindy Bowen is lost in the mists of time.  Sometime in the mid 1960s, when I was about 8 or 10 years old, my sister Kendra and I stayed for a week or so with my paternal grandparents, Bob and Ruth Biddle.  They lived on Bridgeman Street in Elmira, New York.  They had lived there ever since my dad was born, in 1924, and so, apparently, had most of their neighbors.  So when we went to visit, there were no kids our age to play with, unless some other kids were also visiting their grandparents at the same time.  And so it was with Cindy Bowen.

Cindy was there too, visiting her grandparents… and her birthday took place during that visit.  So her grandparents had a little birthday party for her, and my sister and I were the only other kids there.

I don’t remember the little birthday party, I don’t remember what Cindy Bowen looked like, or how old she was (I think maybe she’s the same age I am), I don’t remember which house her grandparents lived in or what their names were.  I only remember one thing:  August 1st is Cindy Bowen’s birthday.  I think I remember that only because my birthday is also in August, and I think maybe I took note that she was, therefore, about three weeks older than I was.  But that’s it.  I don’t know where Cindy Bowen was visiting from, and I never saw her again.

Artist's conception of what Cindy Bowen may be doing today.

I can’t remember what  I had for lunch yesterday.  I can’t remember my wife’s cell phone number (well, it is on speed-dial).  I can’t remember the number of the Congressional district we live in here in North Carolina (to be fair, though, we’ve only lived here a few weeks, and I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other stuff) but I remember, and will always  remember, that August 1st is Cindy Bowen’s birthday.

So, Happy Birthday Cindy Bowen, wherever you may be.  And to everyone else, Happy Cindy Bowen’s Birthday!  May it be the best Cindy Bowen’s Birthday ever!



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