Report from Breeze-Ravaged High Point, NC

(High Point, NC) — It’s not clear how much more the residents of High Point, North Carolina can take.  For that matter, all those who make their homes in the three cities of The Triad — Winston Salem, Greensboro and High Point — are weary from the constant assaults from Mother Nature they have endured this week.

Mother Nature
Devastation from Tuesday's Earthquake

It was just Tuesday when many residents nearly lost their balance during the devastating earthquake that struck without warning during an otherwise peaceful summer afternoon.  The quake rattled shelf-based tchotchkes, geegaws, and, in some areas, knickknacks.  And lawn furniture, some of which had been in place since early June, was toppled.

Guilford County, NC

And today, as Hurricane Irene bears down, only 330 miles to the east of Guilford County, residents are enduring breeze gusts as high as 15 miles per hour.  Bands of clouds alternate with bands of sunshine, as the monster storm brings zephyrs not experienced in this area since yesterday.

One long-time resident, who asked not to be identified, said, “Yup, I remember… well, I think it was last week sometime… when we had that rain?  There was a bit of thunder?  Well this hurricane reminds me of that… only there’s no thunder, and not as much rain.”

High Point, NC at the Height of Hurricane Irene: Gusts up to 15 mph.

Others, neighbors on this tree-lined street echoed his sentiment.  “Not sure how much more of this I can take,” said one, “I was up late last night watching Sex Change Hospital on Discovery Fit and Health.  Think I’ll go take a nap.”

And that’s the question here in The Triad:  How much more of this devastation can this area endure?  Only time will tell.


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