Happy Medicine People

I’ve started thinking of them as the Happy Medicine People.  You’ve seen them.  There’s no escaping them.  They live in TV commercials for prescription medications.  They live in brochures about foot care.  They live in big posters in the Wal-Mart Pharmacy.  They’re the Happy Medicine People:

They’re smart.  They’re active.  They’re multicultural.  And they are these things because, it is implied, they take medicine!  Why, just one look at them, and  you think, “Hey!  Maybe if I take medicine, I can be happy, smart, and multicultural too!”

Sometimes they’re alone.  Sometimes they’re in groups.  Big, happy groups.  Frequently, they’re middle-aged couples.  But they’re happy.  They’re active, and they’re smart.

So… is it just as simple as taking medicine?  Well, no, apparently it’s a bit more complicated.  Sometimes there are other things you can do to become a happy medicine person.  This man, for example, apparently became a Happy Medicine Person by learning about strokes.


And these two became Happy Medicine People by having their Ketones tested:

This guy, I am led to believe, became a Happy Medicine Person by asking his doctor if Medicine was right for him.  Apparently it was.  See what a Happy Medicine Person he is now.  And smart?  Well, he does have his hand in that thoughtful “hmmm” position, and if that doesn’t say “smart,” then what does?

And there’s the ubiquitous When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple Happy Medicine Person, just like loveable, ditzy Aunt Rose

Now, just so there’s no confusion, these Happy Medicine People are not the same sort of Happy Medicine People some of us were in the 70s:

Me as a Happy Medicine Person, circa 1978

Nope, it’s a whole different concept.  So, how do you become a Happy Medicine Person?  First, ask your doctor if becoming a Happy Medicine Person is right for you.  Then, take your medicine.  And before you know it, you’ll be a Happy Medicine Person too!  And won’t that be great?

You bet it will!


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