What do Hazard, KY and Whitney Houston’s Daughter Have in Common? Nothing That I Know Of.

I’m sitting here in a motel room in Indianapolis.  This room, thank God, has windows.  I had to swing by here with the short bus on my way from High Point to Seattle, because my “Fuelman” card never arrived in the mail.   So I came here to pick one up from Rob, the guy for whom I’m driving.

I got to thinking how strange all this is. A week ago today I did my morning news/talk program on the aptly-named NewsTalk 103.7FM in Chambersburg.  And I still had two more to do.  Then, on Saturday, I drove from Pennsylvania to High Point, NC.  Well, almost all the way. The PT Cruiser died 20 miles outside High Point, and is now resting comfortably at the car hospital.  It may never be discharged from there either.  You know how you can tell by the sound (or lack of it) that certain car repairs will be very expensive?   I just know. And even if the engine repairs aren’t that bad, the brakes will be.

Anyway, I got back to High Point, and left this morning on the delivery trip to Seattle.  The point I was making, before I so rudely interrupted myself, is that less than a week ago, I still had two more programs to do… and now, here I am driving buses across the country… and… uh…

This whole thought sounded so much more interesting earlier in the day.

This is a blobfish. It is real, and according to Wikipedia, is "...a deep sea fish of the family Psychrolutidae."  Sort of makes me think of what Ziggy will look like when he's finally in the nursing home.

This is a blobfish. It is real, and according to Wikipedia, is “…a deep sea fish of the family Psychrolutidae.” Sort of makes me think of what Ziggy will look like when he’s finally in the nursing home.

Today I got off the interstates a bit to escape tolls.  And that was stupid.  I should have just paid the tolls. Instead, I added several hours and a lot of miles.  And I have now added Hazard, Kentucky to the list of  Places In Which I Do Not Care To Live.  Up to today, that list didn’t even exist. And now it does.  And Hazard, Kentucky is definitely on it.

Now, before bedtime,  there’s a spirited debate on TV, apparently about Whitney Houston’s daughter’s coma.  I don’t mean to sound callous, but, other than in a general we’re-all-in-this-together sort of way, I really don’t care that Whitney Houston’s daughter is in a coma.  I was astounded last week when that was BREAKING NEWS!!!!!  It was the lead story in several newscasts I heard. Seriously?

Ziggy in happier times.

Ziggy in happier times.

I’m not following the debate, really… it’s just background noise on HLN… and it features that doctor who’s on after the incredibly annoying Nancy Grace.  But it is, judging from the all the yammering, a pretty spirited debate about the criminal investigation and… and… okay that’s enough. Let’s see, I think I have some Chips Ahoy around here… Yup! There they are!  Some cookies… then time for bed.



4 responses to this post.

  1. My uncle and his family lived in Hazard. Interesting place… Did you drive the Daniel Boone highway?


  2. safe travels, Mr. Biddle


  3. Glad to hear you’re back on the road Steve. Be safe my friend.


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