The Ring and the Scrapyard

It was two days after Thanksgiving when my soon-to-be ex-wife let me know she was not coming back… and, for some reason, thought it was necessary to spray me with a blast of invective. At that moment, I took off my wedding ring, and flung it into the nether reaches of the PT Cruiser, where it apparently became part of the almost incredible load of stuff I was carrying, never to be seen again.

This morning, after having discovered yesterday that the PT was beyond repair, I went over to High Point Tire to take all the stuff out and put it… well… somewhere. And as I did, I kept thinking the ring would turn up. It’s an inexpensive ring… not worth much at all either materially, or, as it turns out, symbolically. I did not want to find it, and I did not find it. So it’s presumably somewhere in the car.

I have been offered $200 for the car… after some checking around, that’s the best I can get for it.

The PT in happier times...
The PT in happier times…

But the new symbolism struck me as I was leaving the car place: The wedding ring, which meant so much when I got it, now is destined for the scrapyard. Literally.

It doesn’t make me feel any better, but I do love the cheap literary symbolism.


3 thoughts on “The Ring and the Scrapyard

  1. Consider it a timely and appropriate demise of the ring and the official end of that chapter. Bigger and better things await…Thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way

  2. Reading your blogs are always a source of something-today it was a new word; invective. Hadn’t ever heard or seen it before… got me right to the dictionary & now I’m armed with a larger vocabulary. Thank you

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