Corporate Sincerity

“Sincerity — if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”  — George Burns

I just received the nicest email from Delta Airlines.  It begins this way, “Dear Stephen, It was a pleasure serving you on your recent flight from Detroit (DTW) to Charlotte (CLT) on February 17, 2015. We know you have a choice in travel and appreciate when you choose to fly with us.”  I don’t know what I did, but I must have made quite an impression on them, even though I slept for the entire flight. Apparently they want to know how they did, and decided that I’m just the guy to tell them.  They did fine, by the way. Well, I had a middle seat, which I hate, but that wasn’t their fault.

Right after take-off, the captain made the announcement that a passenger on our flight had a serious peanut allergy, and because of that, there would be no peanut products served.  Okay, fine with me.  He ended the announcement by saying, “Thank you for your consideration.”  Now, what did that mean?  We had just been told there would be no peanuts on that flight… so how did the “consideration” of the passengers fit in with that?  It’s not like we had a choice. Maybe they thanked us for our consideration to avert a possible peanut riot. At the conclusion of the flight, the captain announced that the entire crew had enjoyed having us aboard.  It’s so nice to be the source of such unbridled joy.

And, as it looks like I’ll be traveling a lot, with nobody to pick me up at the airport now, I just signed up with Uber, and it’s apparently a good thing I did. From their email to me: “Thanks for signing up! We’re excited to have you join us and start riding.”  Again, I’m not sure what I did to provide them with this level of excitement. I picture somebody at Uber running up and down the hall yelling, “We got Steve Biddle! We got Steve Biddle!,” and the others breaking out cake and champagne to celebrate.

I must have made quite an impression on the folks at Days Inn Yakima the other night as well: “Dear Stephen, We were delighted to serve you during your recent stay at Days Inn…”   I do have just a tiny bone to pick with this one. I can’t say they actually “served” me. I had to get my own Raisin Bran when I enjoyed their continental breakfast. But I’m glad they’re so delighted with me.

... and if the Afternoon Teabaggers (heh heh) can't bring more joy to our lives, who can?
… and if the Afternoon Teabaggers (heh heh) can’t bring more joy to our lives, who can?

In a few days, I hope to be taking another school bus out west, and I’m eager to get started. I think my  mission in life is clear: It’s up to me spread joy, delight, excitement, and pleasure throughout the land.


One thought on “Corporate Sincerity

  1. Dear Steve, I sincerely enjoyed your blog, thank you for posting and enjoy that next flight. I hope there are peanuts next time and maybe the Days Inn will pour your cereal in the bowl next time, lol. Hey seriously, let me know how Uber goes…they just started that up here in State College – seems interesting…

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