America’s Super City: Metropolis, Illinois

In what will likely be a futile attempt to dodge snow and ice, I checked into America’s Best Value Inn in Metropolis, Illinois about an hour ago, my mood as gloomy as the weather.  Metropolis, a number of years ago, decided to hitch itself to Superman’s cape, and calls itself, alternately, “America’s Super City,” or “Home of Superman.”  In addition to a river-front casino, the big family tourist attraction here is a giant full-color statue of the city’s favorite son. You may remember a few years back, Barack  Obama striking the same pose and mugging for the cameras with the statue in the background.

Overnight stop in Metropolis, Illinois. Mood as gloomy as the weather
Overnight stop in Metropolis, Illinois. Mood as gloomy as the weather

I’ve actually stayed here before, and on neither visit will I see the Superman statue, although it’s pretty close to my motel.  There are two reasons for this:  I have a full-size school bus for one, and for the other, I just don’t give a rat’s ass.  There’s also a statue of Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane on the black-and-white Superman show in the 50s. I have no plans to see her either.

I got into my room, only to discover that there’s no chair in here. The only seat is in the bathroom, and I think management would take a dim view of my hauling it out of there.

I walked next door and had a cheap lunch at a marginal Mexican restaurant, then came back here, picked up the remote, and found that someone had stolen the batteries out of it. Went back to the desk, where the very sweet lady at the desk replaced them.  Came back to the room, and the remote still won’t work with this TV.  So I’ll have to actually get up to change the channel turn it off or on, just like they did in the Pioneer days.

And, I just now discovered, most of the light bulbs are gone, too. The culprits left only one. I’ll get by.

Tomorrow, I’ll see if I can get safely through St. Louis, across Missouri, through Kansas City and to my usual overnight stop at either Rock Port, Missouri or Percival, Iowa.

Hope I see some sun tomorrow… it might lift the gloom just a bit.



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