Tonight in Laramie…

Today I drove about 560 or so miles, from Rock Port, Missouri to Laramie, Wyoming.  Of course I kept a close watch on the weather, but it was fine. Except for the last 20 miles, between Cheyenne and Laramie.  Snow, blowing snow, ice, and a 5% grade.  But I made it.  The bus and I, thank you, are unscathed. Nope, not even a little bit scathed.

The last 20 miles
The last 20 miles

Got to the Travelodge in Laramie, where I usually stay, and my front desk friend Kristen wasn’t there.  I was disappointed, but the woman at the desk is also friendly, and assured me there would be a microwave in my room. But there wasn’t one.  Since I bring most of my own food on the road with me, that’s sort of important. So she moved me to another room — Room 103.  And that’s odd, because this is the third night in a row I have stayed in Room 103.  Not the same Room 103, of course.  By the way, tonight in Laramie, we’re expecting a low of -13 degrees.  Wind chill: -25.

I’m on Boost Mobile, in an effort to save money.  And I discovered the for the most part, between Sidney, Nebraska and Echo, Utah, I have almost no cell phone service. Here in Room 103 in Laramie, I have no phone signal at all… and that’s making me feel a little cut off from the world. I can’t text, and I’m not going to use the room phone to call anyone because of the cost.  And I’d love to talk with some friends tonight. I’ll have to settle for these new-fangled interwebs here.

I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the problems with this job, at least for me, at least now, is being alone with my thoughts for hours on end.  It’s an emotional roller coaster.  One minute I’m feeling a bit hopeful, and the next, I’m trying to not think about things that I need to let go of. My marriage, for example. I’m having a hard time letting go. It’s been only three months since she left, and we’re technically still married for the next few months… but there’s no returning, no going back.

And today, I received some devastating news about the health of someone who’s very near and dear to me.  So it’s been kind of a depressing day altogether.

It looks as though I’m going to have to re-invent myself… to try to find a new purpose in life. I don’t even feel like the same person I was a year ago. I’ve lost pretty much everything, which, I hear, can be character enriching. I’m waiting.


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