What Just Happened Here?

How did I get here?

I’m in Laramie, Wyoming, for what seems like the hundredth time this year. But I know it’s just been maybe ten times. Today, as I drove across Nebraska, which takes approximately three thousand hours, I got to thinking. And, God, I wish I’d stop that. Thinking, I mean. It just leads to trouble.

I thought about my life just a year ago. I was, I thought, happily married, I was hosting Morning Edition on WFDD at Wake Forest University… and although challenges lay ahead, I thought I had a partner for life… and a job that would sustain us for a long time.

Now, though, I am involuntarily single… no car… living in my sister’s basement… and contemplating becoming a heavily bearded, grouchy hermit, given to muttering to myself in bus stations, with the occasional anti-social outburst, before going back to muttering. Or not.

As I drove across Missouri yesterday, I listened to an audio book titled “Dear Leader: Poet, Spy, Escapee – A Look Inside North Korea.” As the title suggests, It is about a man who was a “poet” for the North Korean regime, and after having misgivings… and a very scary experience… decided to escape. I heard the harrowing story of his path from Pyongyang through China, and ultimately to South Korea. And I forced myself to think… “My God… I think I have problems… this man risked his life on an uncertain destiny… left his family never to see them again… and… and…….”

And it didn’t do any good. I selfishly clung to my own self pity: crumbled marriage, dead car… living in sister’s basement with the cats who puke on my socks…

But tomorrow, it’s on across Wyoming. Tomorrow, I’ll listen to a book by Sheryl Atkinson, who was pretty much cast aside by CBS News after digging too deeply into stuff that, apparently, CBS didn’t want her digging into. Let’s see if I can become a little less self-absorbed. G’nite!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Enjoy Wyoming. It is ahead of you in the morning. The vast skies may be blue and expansive. Not lots of snow now, I would imagine. Safe driving.

    You have your playlist figured out and maybe in between, you will find a little Morning Edition. Make up the local WBID (call letters for the moving bus station) segments in between the national pieces. I know that you even know how many seconds each one has. Write positive stories about what life can be moving forward. It is a better plan than looking in the rear view mirrors of life. I have been there. It is not fun at all.


  2. Posted by Bev on March 22, 2015 at 9:02 PM

    Let me know if you unlock the secret to being less self absorbed. I’ve been working on that one for years!


  3. Posted by Rabbett on March 22, 2015 at 11:18 PM

    brutal those guys…enjoy wyoming! listen to some Hot Rats!


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