What Has Happened to Us?

What has happened to us?

Let’s recap: A controversial law has been passed in Indiana. I’m not going to get into whether I agree with it or not, because that’s not relevant.

Then, an opportunistic reporter named Alyssa Marino, from the ABC affiliate in South Bend, went shopping for someone to say that he or she would not serve gays. What she found instead was the owner of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana (population 2144.) And she asked whether Memories Pizza would, if asked, cater a same-sex wedding.

Innocently, the woman said that she had no problem serving gay people in her store, and that the law would have no effect on it anyway, but she wouldn’t cater a gay wedding if asked. It would go against her religious beliefs. And that was pretty much it.

Most people would not have a wedding catered by a pizza shop. Further, the owner of Memories Pizza said it had never even come up. My guess is that it’s something she had never even considered a serious possibility. She answered the question honestly, according to her religious beliefs. She’s not a bigot. She’s not a hater. She’s not anti-gay. She owns a pizza shop. And according to how she interprets her religion, she would, if she were ever asked, not participate in serving a same-sex wedding. That’s it.

mempizzaBut then came the fire-storm. Memories Pizza (by the way, I think that’s an awful name for a pizza place) has been forced to shut down. The family that owns it has received hundreds of death threats. There’s a movement afoot to burn the place down. Some have claimed that this is an enormous hoax perpetrated by the family that owns Memories Pizza, accusing them of cynically manipulating the reporter just for the money from a GoFundMe campaign which was begun to benefit this little mom-and-pop business. At this writing, it has made something like 800-thousand dollars in donations.


I ask again, what has happened to us? And, again, I don’t care what you think about Indiana’s new law. It’s not relevant. And what I think about it isn’t relevant either. But does anyone reading this really believe that Memories Pizza deserves this Kristallnacht treatment?

Now, in the LGBT community, this is not, to be sure, a lock-step opinion. A wildly attractive lesbian friend of mine has this to say about the whole affair:  “I am a businessperson at heart, and my take on the whole thing is that if you have a small business, you should have the right to serve/not serve whomever you want and see how that goes for ya.”

So many times recently, the left has moved to shut down discussion, diversity of opinion and free speech. Fake outrage, make-believe offenses and “micro-aggresions” are their coins of the realm. Free speech for everyone! Unless you disagree with me! And then I will rain hellfire on you!

God, what has happened to us?




4 thoughts on “What Has Happened to Us?

  1. “So many times recently, the left has moved to shut down discussion, diversity of opinion and free speech.” Inflammatory, untrue, unfair. It’s pointless to get into this for either of us, but unless it’s your wish to preach to the FOX choir, you’ll make no new friends with this kind of mischaracterization of half the population of the USA. You’re usually much more adroit at staying out of dirty political rhetoric.

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