Stuck in Hickory

(Hickory, NC) – Yup. Still here in Hickory, North Carolina. In our last episode, on Saturday, the bus I was taking from North Carolina to Portland, Oregon, broke down in Hickory, NC. That’s less than a hundred miles from home.

At first, it looked like it would be a quick fix, and that I’d be back on the road in a day or so. But I’ve been at the Red Roof Inn, waiting. Hickory seems like a ­relatively nice little town, but I am astounded at how many people here, both men and women, do a perfect impersonation of Gomer Pyle. And I’m stuck with no transportation… I’ve walked to the convenience store up the road a few times… and ordered from Domino’s… but other than that, I’m pretty much confined to my room.

For no particular reason
For no particular reason

This morning, I found out that the part necessary to fix the bus won’t be available for about a week. So my only choice is to get a Greyhound bus back home. This is interesting, at least to me, for a few reasons. For one thing, I have just applied for a job as a Greyhound bus driver. And I’ve been accepted to go to Greyhound training, which won’t happen until sometime this summer, but still, it’s moving forward. The other thing, though, is that except for charters, I have never ridden on a Greyhound bus before. I’m looking forward to it, sort of. I have heard a great many stories about the regular Greyhound clientele. Not that I’m being elitist or anything. Okay, I am.

Anyway, I take the Greyhound back to High Point tomorrow. Then, on Thursday, I will pick up another bus, and take it to Portland. Or Seattle. Or someplace out there. When I return, in about a week, I’ll get back here to Hickory somehow, and pick up the bus here, and resume the trip where we left off.

There are pluses and minuses to this. On the plus side, I’m finally beginning to make some pretty good money. On the minus side, I’m getting really confused. When I return to High Point tomorrow, I am going to meet with a car dealer… and hopefully will be able to afford a car (and it looks pretty good at this point) that will allow me to drive for Uber during my down-time from the bus job. But all this is leaving me a bit disoriented…

There are things about having a regular, sedentary job that are quite comforting, if boring. This is definitely not boring. Lonely, but not boring.


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