February 2010

  • Iran is way up near the top of my list of places I wouldn’t want to live.  Or even visit.  But these 700-year-old stone houses, built into the ground,  are really fascinating.
  • If you’ve ever labored in customer service of any kind, you’ll love this web site.  It contains hundreds of stories sent in by retail workers, call center staffers, tech support folks and the like, about their adventures with customers.  Very funny stuff.
  • If you have more money than you know what to do with, and some serious self-esteem problems,  there are two solutions.  1.) Give the money to me and I’ll say nice ego-boosting things to you, or,  2.) Rent a celebrity. There’s one to fit your budget!
  • From the same guy who brought you How To Use Apostrophes, now comes  How To Use a Semicolon.  A funny guide.
  • You really have to take a minute and look at the photography of Michael Paul Smith.  Then take another look, and see what it really is that has been photographed.
  • A selection from one of my favorite websites.  This is the famous James Lileks’ Gallery of Regrettable Food. I’d try to describe it, but just visit and click on one of the links.  And don’t miss Lileks’  hilarious commentary.
  • This is fun:  It’s called instant soundboard.  Pop it up on your computer at work to punctuate your office conversations with the appropriate sound effects.
  • More doctors smoke Camels!  A collection of astounding cigarette ads they could never get away with now.  Click on the thumbnails.
  • In a band and having trouble coming up with a name?  Try this random Band Name Generator, and that’ll solve the problem.
  • I hope this doesn’t come in handy.  It’s a guide on How To Survive A Plane Crash.  More precisely, it’s an article on what to do if your plane explodes and you find yourself hurtling toward the ground.
  • Want to know how to make sushi?   How to choose a dentist?  To prepare an emergency kit for your car?  Here’s a website that’s packed with good instructional videos about how to do almost anything.
  • If  you want a real picture of unemployment in the US, take a look at this animated map. Press play and you will see how the jobless rate has spread across this country like gathering storm clouds from December of 2007 until January of 2010.  By the way, even at the end of this, you’ll see one bright red county in Pennsylvania defiantly standing out against the rest of the region.  This is Centre County Pennsylvania, to which I will be returning next month.  Now you know why.
  • A handy guide on how to tell if your food is spoiled.
  • Sick of Red Bull?  Try the new anti-energy drink Slow Cow.  If you mix them together and drink them, do you just stay the way you are?



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