January 2010

If any of these links are outdated or gone, please let me know!

  • Stop!  Are these displays graffiti? Vandalism? Art? Or just funny? I think, just this once, I’ll vote for funny.
  • Don’t “you” just hate it when “someone” uses “unnecessary” quotation marks because “they” don’t seem to know what they’re “for?”  Here’s a whole gallery of extreme examples.
  • When naming a business, it pays to think about it for more than thirty seconds or so.  Not like these places.
  • Is that cloying, cutesy Family Circus cartoon still around?  In one form it is.  Here’s a website, which randomly pairs those old cartoons with quotes from Nietzsche.  Just keep hitting the refresh button for hours of dumb fun.   It’s the Nietzsche Family Circus.
  • How logical are you?  Take this quick logic test and find out!
  • Ever seen James Lileks’ site?  If not, it’s an amazingly interesting site, full of memorabilia, funny stuff, and Lileks’ hilarious commentary.  It’s sort of like discovering an attic that’s crammed with old postcards, menus, cookbooks, ads, pictures, etc.  Warning: you could spend hours there. And he’s just posted about 30 print ads from the past, some with appallingly (by our standards) politically incorrect content.  If you’d like to take a look… and I know you’ll find it interesting, go here.
  • You’ve seen Groundhog Day, right?  Of course you have.  Well, it turns out that there’s an actual mental disorder in which people have what you might call fake deja vu.  People who have this are constantly bored because they have a feeling that, whatever they’re doing or seeing, they’ve done it or seen it before.  Here’s an article about it.
  • If you’re looking for a gift for that person who has everything, how about buying a real space shuttle ?  No, really!  But you’d better hurry… there are only a few left!
  • If you’ve been thinking you haven’t seen nearly enough cheese sculptures lately (as who among us hasn’t?) this should do it for awhile.
  • Do this trick at your next office meeting: slice a bagel into two linked halves, like a chain. Full instructions here.
  • And for a mildly bizarre experience, unless you have photosensitive epilepsy, check out this optical illusion.  Just follow the instructions.
  • Tired of the same old breakfast stuff?  This is a job for Mr. Breakfast!  Lots of good recipes here.
  • Here’s a photo gallery of some genuine, real-life sea monsters.  I wouldn’t want to run across one of these guys.  Not that there’s much chance of that…
  • The airport at Gibraltar is apparently the only one in the world whose runway actually crosses a major highway!  Interesting pictures are here.
  • What every kid needs:  A bear sleeping bag.  Not a nice little cuddly Care Bear sleeping bag.  A big scary, nasty, flea-bitten, parasite-ridden real bear sleeping bag.
  • Here’s a simple, somewhat addictive time-waster.  My best score so far is 9 seconds.
  • Need a warning sign?  Or something that just looks like a warning sign?  Here’s just what you need: The Warning Sign Generator!
  • If these people can write a book and get it published, why can’t you?  For your amusement, here’s a gallery of indisputably awful library books.



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